See Vintage Through *Rose Colored Glasses

If you think *Polished Touches need to be bought from “special”-ty shops, well… I guess you would be right. Considering the special, most valuable treasures are usually another’s trash, vintage shops are especially a Polished for Pennies specialty store! Remember When Vintage, located right around Philly at 306 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge, PA 19046… Is just the nugget you need to chip away at the rubble and find the diamond in the ruff. 

They have everything from T’s to Ties, Pins to Pea-coats, and Dolls to Dresses! There are a few unexpected items like German Steins, army figurines, and tons of whose-it’s and whats-it’s GALORE! (Little Mermaid reference 😉 … But when shopping vintage for your next party, daily wardrobe or for a special event it’s all about looking around with rose-colored glasses, meaning: Look for Priceless, Polished, Potential!

Like Old Albums for Wall art or even as interesting Plate Chargers! Who doesn’t love Johnny Travolta for a Disco Party??



Tons of Pins and Broaches…


No, their not too OLD to Pull off, and no they should not be neglected, and here’s why!

Pins can be used:

·   On a purse to add sparkle or flare & tie in a few colors together

·   Attached to a bobby pin and used in a party or bridal hair-do (The pearl ones below would be Perfectly Polished, Elegant, and Gorgeous for a Spring or Summer sorbet colored wedding! Maybe, make a day with your bridesmaids to hunt for their favorite, and you can cross off the “something old”!)

·   As a napkin ornament or wine glass charm

·   Instead of a tasseled rope to secure curtains

·   To secure a ribbon for a basket or present

·   On old shower curtain hooks, they could get jazzed up with a few of these! 

·   On an old chain as a single charm, or cluster a few

·   To loop with a scarf, head scarf, or headband

·   Or simply pinned on a dress

These awesome Floral pins would be Great to cluster on a necklace or shirt with springs newest trend of sherbet colored clothing!

They have tons of jewelry to sift through, and a “let’s haggle” attitude! Which do you spot, that would be a flirty addition to your next outfit? … I think I’m eyeing up the baby blue polka dot hoops…

And some more…

UHHH LOVE this Coat… the only description I’ll attached to this is that it is $20! Flawless…

And if you’re thinking about Valentine’s Day… I figured I’d give you gals some inspiration… How about some peek-a-boo polkas!? This great vintage dress is beautiful, baby pink, a little lower then knee length and absolutely adorable! Most importantly it’s romantic and pretty, and pretty cheap… HELLO STUNNER!!

If you were wondering how to style this dress for date night… Keep tuning in to Polished for Pennies for a complete Valentines look that’s Polishedly Pretty in Pink for Pennies~!

In the meantime, No need to EVER over spend on vintage. Shop with the intention that vintage is technically “used” stuff. If you can buy something similar that’s “new” for the same or lesser price, don’t buy it. Unless it’s remarkable, I don’t feel any vintage something or other is worth over $50. Which to me even that’s too much…  But at Remember When Vintage, there won’t be a need to over spend because the prices are extremely reasonable, and as I’ve mentioned before Haggling is accepted! So don’t be afraid to place your price on items and work a deal!

Do it up Polished for Pennies style and you’ll still feel like a million bucks! Trust me, how do you pull off being Polished for Pennies? Rock it so well NO ONE can tell! Confidence is free and that’s the polished something we all can afford to save up along with our change 😉 -V

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