Shade Ink*

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The inspiration behind this look Gals was an ink pot… it’s amazing how one visual of inspiration can get the mind going, but that’s all it took! So when I thought of “September in Shades”, what came to mind was dark black and blue hues. In this case, a visual of blue and black ink, dripping, like the collar of this silk Hugo Boss dress that I got for a mere $19.99 at Jomar! An incredible deal, completely Polished for Pennies, and decadent in a Heavy is Luxury silk feel that melts over the body! Dripping… dripping like the ink navy blue colored ribbons positioned in perfect random that gives this dress a signature tone. It’s got an easy almost lazy feel because of the gorgeous fabric and roomy fit, but it reads polished! And expensive! Probably because retail wise this dress would have cost HUNDREDS but that’s why it helps to dig ANYWHERE and of course remember the Polished Principles!

Anywho, you want to talk more retail prices but Polished for Pennies bargains? How about my ombre Prada shades that I got at Nordstrom Rack for $65.00 but retail over $250! How about my black leather Michael Kors studded booties which I got for $69.99 at Nordstrom Rack and they retail over $345! I MEAN, I’M THROWING SO MUCH SHADE AT RETAIL RIGHT NOW AND I DON’T CARE and YOU SHOULD TOO!

With the addition of a black belt I took off of a jacket I had already, this one actually that I wore once as a dress,  I did the unthinkable and combined some black and blue by cinching my waist with it! Then added a black vintage clutch from the arsenal as well that I found thrift for $1~ Starting with the blue dress, but really wanting to incorporate some black, I focused on all black accessories to tie everything together!

So what’s the ball point? See what I did there, tying in the inspiration of a pen lol… the point is you can look and feel like a MILLION BUCKS on a few shiny pennies… it just takes some inspiration, CONFIDENCE, and ATTITUDE!

So get out there Gal Pals! Take inspiration from this post and put your own John Hancock on your style with no apologizes!

Dress: Hugo Boss Jomar $19.99

Booties: Michael Michael Kors Nordstrom Rack: $69.99

Shades: Prada Nordstrom Rack $65.00

Share with us your look by adding the hashtag #PolishedForPennies on your next Instagram! We want to see!!!

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