“So You Had a Bad Day…”


Ya know Gals… every-time I get a little down, or something goes wrong my Dad looks at me and starts singing…”so you had a bad, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around…” Lol It’s funny when I think about this, because each time he sings it, I laugh a little. I smile a little. I can’t help but smirk. I realize that I can’t control everything and that in life you get bad days. You get days where you feel a little down. You have days when your morning start isn’t the best. When you’re tested. You have days where all you can do is control what you can, then sing the rest of the song because you can’t control the rest.

I hope the next day you “have a bad day” you think of my Dad and the song he would sing to you if he could. I hope you remember that tomorrow is always another day. I hope you remember that these “bad days” will eventually be funny stories… like the start of my day today.

Oh the irony of being a traffic reporter for CBS Philadelphia and reporting my own broken down car on the news. Yup, thank you to my executive producer for capturing this moment for me. It really shows you that bad days, and bad starts happen to all of us and sometimes being the butt of your own bad day makes a better joke. 🙂

Don’t let a bad day deter you from having the utmost confidence that things will work out. Remember, life doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be polished!

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