Soft White Noise

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Holiday parties can be a great excuse to wear beautiful POPs of color, but this year there is a soft white noise in the air that’s having us sing the tune of a White Christmas. There is a certain sophistication from white stones in accessories, or single white stones dripping from your lobes that softly intensify your sophistication and grandeur. White blouses or dresses encrusted with silver sequins or flashes of metal or diamonds play a big role in this seasons biggest color… WHITE. So have you thought about making your holiday party attire a “white out”?

We had a lot of fun turning PolishedC into a holiday angel using a delicate light blue floor-length boho dress from Jomar, for $14.99. It had gorgeous sequins on the shoulders, a soft tie knotted in the center by her chest,  and flowy sleeves that moved with her confident stride. We made the photo black and white, to capture its decadence, that sometimes, certain bolder colors just can’t compete with. Usually there’s no competition when it comes to a classic.

We also used a few drops of dazzling… a pair of crystal drop earrings, a decadent gift from her boyfriend and meaningful which made her feel even richer. A set of crystal hoops which we put on her arm as bangles, and finally a few rings of royal stones. One in particular was a replica of Princess Diana’s, now Princess Kate’s wedding ring. Lovely… and a touch of sapphire was a pleasant surprise in this white style storm.

So if you’re looking for inspiration for that Holiday Party of yours… white blouses, maybe silk… white dresses that have Zipfactor and are structured in great fabric. Pair a few of your white pieces with white stones, simple make-up, and effortless hair… You are a classic. And with a little inspiration from this post, you’ll feel like one too. You’ll feel confidently classic and Polished for Pennies.

Or simply P4P.


*Oh btw the way, remember to Shop for What Pops… White will have a tendency to POP off the rack if you’re looking for it. So shop those clearance racks for inspiration and steals before you go right to what’s in front of the store 🙂

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