Sporty Starlet*

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Love me some overalls!! Girlll…… I know, I know, but I had to. If you’re not into a sweet pair of overalls, I completely understand, but may I say these super easy, comfortable, and stylish overalls for $24.99 at Marshalls gave this starlet a gal on the go look with a SUPER sporty edge!

With back to school, football season, and fall’s favorite go to piece “the jean” … I decided to give a pair of light washed jean overalls a go with a fabfound “Varsity” jacket for $16.99 and print mixed button up for $7.00, both found at Marshalls! So just to put this look into perspective… ditch the Sole Society leopard heels and beautiful bag, that I’ll get to in a bit ;)… we’re talking about a BOLD look with all the bells and whistles perfect for fall for under $50! SCOOOOORE!!!

Now the bag, I know leather and boy do I love it, and I’m usually partial to ONLY leather investment bags, BUT this one was a star on the rack. With great fly away fringe, a smooth quality non-leather material, and gold accents for $49.99… I had to do a double take! Could have fooled me! When I “Shop for What Popped” this bag had me dreading the price tag, but it’s little surprises like this quality bag with style and flare that had me doing Russians by the racks!  So what’s that mean? *The next time you’re shopping don’t assume ANYTHING! Look, Feel, Find, and Invest in what you like and what you think is worth it, and approach everything with CONFIDENCE! BE AGGRESSIVE! No star to a starlet is ever out of her reach 😉

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