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One thing you may not know about the Polished for Pennies office, is that on my desk sits frames and frames of photos of my grandparents. Pictures old and new, special moments, special days, and smiling ones that always fill me up with passion every time I sit down to write to you.

The other day I was at work and started chatting it up with a co-worker. I stopped her to compliment a beautiful necklace of hers. It was strands and strands of red beads, gathered to one side by a gold star that had a contrasting turquoise bead  positioned in its center. It was gorgeous. A colorful delight, unique in composition, and just so classic. She said it was her grand mother’s. Her eyes twinkled with pride and passion as she told me about the essence of “Audrey Hepburn” that her grand mom had had. She had passed. A woman who used to model in her day, and always kept a fresh white blouse in her closet. She showed me a picture. Brown pixie hair, heart shaped face, dainty wrists, and dark brown brows that framed beautiful doe eyes. I saw what she meant. I glanced up from her photo and we smiled in unison and agreement. I understood.

We continued talking.

Gals, I want to tell you something. I’m a firm believer that love carries on through death and through life. My grandparents have all passed, but they continue to help me write to you daily. They continue to inspire me, daily. They, I know, are with me daily. Whether sitting on my desk in a frame, a pin fastened on my wool coat, or a vintage robin’s egg blue rhinestoned bracelet on my wrist. Things are given meanings from memories, as reminders.

Whether that’s something you believe in or not, I will remind you of this… it wasn’t only a necklace that made my co-workers outfit that day, it was a memory. A happy glimmer, that showed through her heart and became real through her smile.

Wear what you love. Give it meaning, make a memory, or wear the memories of others to give your fashion spirit. One that fills you with passion, pride, and confidence to show it off.

*The photos above from our Navajo November Photoshoot were style with a Fedora that was my Pop pop’s 🙂

This was the necklace that inspired this post…

photo 2 copy

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