Supermodel Waves, to work your own personal runway! The only thing missing is our personal fan boy ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

A couple notes…

  • Make sure you get yourself a good barrel curling iron. I use a simple Revlon barrel curler that I bought for about $20 at TJMAXX, and keep it at a moderate heat. Too hot and you’ll burn your hair. Too low your hair won’t curl.
  • ย I personally do not spray each piece with hairspray before I curl it, I do it after. I find it keeps my hair feeling more natural. Some do, and that’s fine.ย 
  • For a smooth curl, dragging the barrel and turning to whatever direction your working with (right or left) is the best trick. It’s as simple as *Place, *Pull Back, *Drag, & *Roll!
  • Finally, Remember that Confidence is FREE and you have that already! One thing you will need is patience. If you feel you can’t get it right the first time, let me know if you need help! And of course keep on trying! You must do what is best for you, once you figure that out basically all of my guidelines will follow suit, and you’ll be profesh in no time! ย 

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