My Vintage Easter Outfit for $14!

     Every Easter I’m transported back to the kids table at my Mommom’s house. Sipping slowly a red wine spritzer, making eye contact with my cousins thinking we’re getting a “buzz”. Eating the most delicious traditional Italian food in gluttony until the ribbons on our Easter dresses had to be undone. Feeling the feelings of love and […]

This Shirt is A Pair of Shorts*

So this post is pretty hilarious for me because I felt like a total idiot in the dressing room after I realized this top was actually shorts! However, I’m happy that I made the decision to start looking at the mistake as the magic! This is the beauty of keeping a Polished for Pennies eye for […]

Brand NEW Monthly Theme: “A New April”

Sometimes I think we forget that everyday is a “NEW” day. I’m guilty of this and honestly sometimes we just get caught up in human feelings like doubt or fear, that prevent us from seeing the polished potential through the dusty days. But this “A New April” is here to remind us of the fresh […]