Double the Decadence

This holiday season we’re  envisioning countless ladies dancing as they dazzle in double doses of decadence! Here’s a cool idea for your next cocktail holiday party that will have you feeling “Heavy in Luxury” and dripping in confidence. Find two necklaces of the same metal: silver and silver, gold and gold, brass and brass… then […]

Jungle Jewels*

Do you have Jungle Jewel fever or what? I know WE DO! Gals I couldn’t resist this leopard dress that I scored at Jomar for $9.99! It’s got POP, comfort, and an animal print that has my confidence ROARING! But really… the earrings for this look are the real wonder! Popping off the Nordstrom Rack […]

Twinning Style With Sisters Who Style

Growing up sharing a room, clothes, and EVERYTHING with your sisters may seem like a drag, but if you look at it from another perspective, one that’s a little less hostile and more positive, you all actually double, triple, or quadruple your wardrobe depending how many gal pals are in the house!! That means more […]

If You Like Your Coffee: Black*

So you’re a simple Gal. You take your coffee black… You appreciate simplicity but a must is your lust for bold richness. You understand that life may just be what it is sometimes, just how your coffee’s just black, but you also believe that just because something stands alone that doesn’t mean it can’t have JOLT. Just […]

Heavy Is Luxury Bag $34.99!

Gals this is just a quick post to show you what Heavy is Luxury is ALL about! If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s one of our Polished for Pennies shopping principles for finding quality, well-made goods that have weight which signify better craftsmanship! We never like to waste our pennies on junk. That’s […]


  We talked about “One Piece of Pop” when it came to an article of clothing, but that trick applies to accessorizing too! Sometimes that’s all it takes to make an outfit great! So whether it’s date night, wine night, disco night, or your OPENING NIGHT Starlet… whip out that POP and make your personality jump […]

Gift Yourself: An Iphone Case

Sometimes it’s just those little things. Those very little things, treats, that we need to feel good. Items and things that are merely bought for a few shiny pennies, but shine up our mood and keep us excited and polished! This everyday your birthday I found the coolest designer Iphone case at Homegoods! It’s a Jordan […]


Cuts, points, lasers, squares, and sliced shapes are carving their way to taking the top spot as the thing that’s POPPING for spring fashion! And how cool is that? The lines of triangles, trapezoids, and rectangles are adding dimension to your style and we think it’s super smart and totally Polished for Pennies! Say you’re […]

Polished Potential Challenge

  Not going to lie, we get REAL creative with our photoshoots… like throwing PolishedV in a tween flower girl dress we got at the thrift store for $6 and making it POP!! But here’s why we love it, we saw that little piece of pretty and saw what it could be, saw the Polished Potential! What […]

Dripping in Metal

We had a ball playing dress up with Lauren for the shoot! This new Mommy sizzled in all of her Juicy June glory that brought her back to the stance of her NFL Cheerleader days! That’s right Gals! Just when you think your “A” days are over, they come creeping back if you let your […]

Zip Time, Zero Dollars, even less Patience

You know, there are a few times where we as women, feel we need something to brighten up our wardrobe when it’s feeling a little dull. You think to yourself, “how many times can I wear this stuff over and over?!” Frustration than sets in, and you find yourself running to the nearest boutique or […]