Gal Pals… Contouring may be the makeup wave of the future but with springtime right around the corner, I like to keep my makeup simple, fresh, and free from {honestly} just too much makeup! With that said, here are my go-to products for a fresh face in 3 products for under $10 each! Maybelline’s Fit me! […]

A Brush Set to Make You Blush!

Gal Pals! It’s been a while I know and I’ve missed you!! A few amazing things have happened in these past two months that I’ve really been super focused on, like GETTING ENGAGED (holy moly lol), but more details to come on all of those amazing things, but for now speaking of amazing things, I’m […]

3 Best DIY Facial Masks! (VIDEO)

Gal Pals, we all love to be pampered but some of us don’t have that $100 handy for a facial. So these 3 facial masks that I shot with are the perfect Polished for Pennies home remedy for pampering in a pinch without the fees and tip! Click the photo about to watch and […]

Nailed It! Kiss Nail Sticker Review*

So this is how it started! I went to Dollar General to pick up a few things for our “Fearless February” photoshoot at the Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia, hairspary, bobby pins, black hair ties… and while I was there these nail stickers from Kiss POPPED right off of the shelf! For $3, having no time for […]

Glossy Eyes

Working with your own skin tone, is in my opinion, the most beautiful way to wear makeup. Basically, by looking like you’re not wear much! So, here’s a quick trick to give your minimal eye makeup a POP without going overboard! Add a little gloss! Seriously! For PolishedC, I did her makeup really natural using […]

Blushing Beauty Buys at Marshalls*

Ah! Gal Pals! The beauty of “Blushing January” is inspiring us to up our makeup game by making the necessary additions to our makeup bags for 2015! What does that mean exactly? Well, we loved the idea of using our “blushing” theme as a way to bring more attention to the nudes and soft pinks of your […]

Gold Dipped Party Makeup (VIDEO)

Hey Gals! I have a feeling you’re going to love this! Welcome my good gal pal and makeup guru Ms. Urban Delight to Polished for Pennies! As an Urban Decay enthusiast and life cheerleader, M.U.D shows us some Tips and Tricks for a Gold Dipped Party look that’s perfect for any holiday! Grab your coffee […]

Lady Danger*

Oh la la gals! Every one of us needs a lip color that makes us feel glam, motivated, confident, desired, sultry, sexy, and down right awe-worthy! For us, this month is all about a rich, bold, and rockin’ red-orange by MAC that will make every passer-by go Oh La La! We give you… Lady Danger! […]

Cake Batter Lips*

Luscious and lovely, this Everyday Your Birthday made us think of CAKE! What could be more decadent and desirable than a HUGE, SLICE OF CAKE! We don’t think anything… and in that case, it got us thinking! Sure, we love POPs of pinks and oranges this summer, but we also still love the seducing ways a nude […]

$4 Nail Art!

Man, I’ve really been finding some deals online, and I must say… these nail stickers POPPED! The perfectly polished $4 solution from H&M for traveling in style when you’re low on doe and the last thing you want to pay for is a mani! DIY NAIL ART STICKERS to the rescue! Funny story, I bumped into […]

Go Organic*

Looking for a  hair-do that has movement, character, and style that’s all your own? Well… that’s what we’re saying! Go organic, go natural, and go you this June In Bloom! Follow the flow of your hair’s natural texture and see what you end up with! With a few bobby pins, a spritz of spray, and […]

Necklaces in Your Hair?

So headbands, hair jewelry, and head dresses can be seen from Coachella to down the isle… and we say, why not save yourself the cash flow of that brand new bling, and see what sings in your own jewelry box!! That’s right Gals, in our June In Bloom photo shoot, we were scouring our accessories […]

Petal Colored Puckers for $25

At P4P, we know that when we’re on the go and are looking to POP, as far as cosmetics… what we invest our pennies into better be portable, they better be quick, they better be pretty, and they better make us feel like a movie star! There’s no better product, in my opinion, where you can get convenience, […]

Sun Kissed Palette*

OBSESSION ALERT* It was a trip to Forever 21 where, oh so perfectly, neon Malibu May inspired palm trees graced the cover of an eye palette that POPPED off of one of their display tables! Gals, ever since we spotted this beautiful set of powdered shadows, PolishedV has literally been using it EVERYDAY since! Seriously! In […]

A POP to Your Pony*

So adorable! So recently I was checking out at Marshalls, and of course you’re always allowing your eyes to wander around the things they have displayed by their registers… those tricksters 😉 Well, needless to say, my wandering eyes spotted the cutest little do dads ever! These embellished hair ties! I’ve got to admit, I’m […]