Jean with Envy*

So honestly, I’m a little mad at Colie right now. We were at Marshalls not too long ago and unknowingly, as we Shopped for What Popped, picked up the same jeans in different sizes off of the rack. Hers was the size I needed that I thought they didn’t have and she got lucky in the dressing […]

Feeling Flushed for a Buck!

Man is it awesome to only have a few pennies to spend and actually buy something that makes them stretch! On a recent trip to a dollar store, PolishedV spotted a little tube of pretty in the beauty isle and gave it a whirl during our FlirtyFeb photo shoot! Feast your eyes on the perfect […]

The 5 Facial Focal Points

  Gals… Easy peesey. There are 5 focal points to a sophisticated makeup bag. The focus always being on a clean complexion, natural cheeks, painted eyes, perfect brows, and pouty lips. Think fresh, think girly, think makeup that colors your face in the way your emotions do!  Like rosy cheeks when you get embarrassed, it’s […]

Bouncing Blush

  Beauty never felt so good Gals! PolishedC so fittingly came across “Dream Bouncy Blush” by Maybelline for Jump in July! Talk about the perfect play on words! So we gave it a whirl and it got our stamp of approval! This little round disc contains a sponge like sphere that when you press your […]

In part 2 of Camera Ready Makeup, Vittoria has a few tips and tricks to get the Double Bubble out of your lipstick & eyeshadow brush! This episode is packed with tidbits you’ll appreciate and love! (Source:

MY FAVORITE BRUSHES!! No! I don’t go and blow big bucks on my makeup brushes, I need that change to fill my gas tank! Hahah I buy ELF! I love these brushes because when on the go they are all you’ll need! If you lose one you won’t care as much and they work just […]