Breathe… and Eat Peanut Butter & Pomegranate!

Gal Pals sometimes it’s so necessary to just make something nice for yourself. To sit down and give yourself a minute to eat and not only eat but  be grateful for what lies on your plate. And I don’t just mean all of your responsibilities.  I made appoint to do this the other day with […]

A Simple Sampling*

So you’re having a gal pal or two over and you want to give them a sophisticated experience, how about a simple light spring sampling? Our go to for simplicity and versatility… Frittatas! Make omelet batters using different fix’in combos, pour the batter in non-stick or greased cupcakes pans and bake! SIMPLE and Polished for […]

Thoughtless Quiche*

Ok, so the Gals are coming over and you’ve sort of sprung this idea together the night before! You’re panicking! What am I going to make, what do I have to run out and buy… WHAT DO I DO!! Gals… here is something that literally takes no thought at all and if you can make […]

A Harvest Treat!

The other day I had a vision of a pipping hot crusty danish that oozed with gooey goodness and smelled of Pumpkin Spice… so I decided to make that vision a REALITY!! It’s amazing what you can do when you use your imagination and whatever ingredients you have in the fridge. For this I spotted […]