Where to Shop for What Pops? GiGi’s Consignment!

Gal Pals… Welcome to Gigi’s! Holy Moly… can I just say that Gigi’s Consignment Boutique is one of those places that creates an experience, and for Gal Pals like us who appreciate luxury even on pennies, we never EVER want to skimp on an experience because of the size of our bank accounts. Experiences of a full […]

Blushing Snow White

Not gonna lie… I’ve been DYING to show you Gals this look! PolishedC is rocking an all white style in winter that is giving us some major Beverly Hills Housewives star, Yolanda Foster lol! Gals, like seriously… how chic!! PolishedC is already super glam, but we wanted to take her over the top with an all white […]

Navajo Fringe and Fur

  Navajo inspiration continues to make us feel filled with luxury, and a lot of that FEEL comes into play with this look. Let’s talk fringe, let’s talk metal, and let’s talk a faux fur vest! Heavy is Luxury Gals, and for this look we Shopped for What Popped! Again, starting with an T, we […]

Navajo Up A Notch

Written By: PolishedA (Intern Ashley) Dressing in Navajo fashion – and even dressing UP in Navajo fashion doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy anything new… I wore a sleeveless summer dress with a purple peacock print to embrace my inner Navajo. Don’t put your summer dresses away just yet because they […]

What’s Outside of Your Style Box?

What’s in your box? Out of the Box October is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something DIFFERENT AND FUN! So in my box it was a butterfly pattern dress with shoulder pads… which I can not stand shoulder pads… but when I put that thrift shop 5 dollar dress on, I […]