A Layering OverLoad!

It’s wild to think that in Philadelphia this Christmas, Santa might be wearing shorts! But let’s not forget that winter in still here and coming for those days when we get the chill back! So don’t neglect those layers when you have to load on your warmth! In PolishedN’s look above, we went above and […]

It Gift*

  Ya know Gals, when I buy gifts I try to buy gifts that will hopefully have a nice long ROI! That’s return on investment and gals this item here is not only one that lasts a long long time, but it’s a stylish “it” gift for the girl who loves and appreciates beauty products […]

Feel like a Nouveau Gifter* with Gifts from $15 – $100!

[metaslider id=8897] Gals, we are now embarking on the Holiday season and to be honest… I don’t hate it!!  I got a little excited while on Ruelala.com the other day and found a few perfectly Polished for Pennies holiday gifts that POP with Nouveau November inspiration! They are cool, a little trendy, unique, and most importantly FUN, Funky, […]

Joseph: My Own Little Christmas Miracle

Joseph: My Own Little Christmas Miracle Written by: Natalie Egg                   Stupid iPhone, I thought. In an attempt to keep up with the latest technology, I had decided to “update” my software overnight. The update led to me missing my alarm and I was running late for my train. Outside, the ground was icy from […]