Peek-A-Boo Valentine

There’s something so lovely about lingerie and when I was dreaming up Blushing January, one of the first things that popped in my head were visions of delicate bralettes and drawers floating in a foggy dream bubble… So I thought to myself, why hide them all the time? All that beautiful lacey goodness we buy them for […]

Valentine’s Day… STAY IN!

Thankfully, Valentine’s Day is all about giving love as your biggest present. But realistically it’s a pricey night out! Dinner, drinks, dancing, entertainment, parking, flowers, candy, and diamonds… naming all those things and we’ve just lost the money for our monthly car payment! Hey, we get it, but why not stay in? By no means […]

*Flirty February*

Well Gals, we made it through January. Which I feel can be one of the toughest months of the year. Resolution pressures, new beginning goals, then the wind down of the excitement so we’re left constantly searching to find that motivation again.  But WE MADE IT! That’s something to feel good about! And what a […]

Gal Pal “YOU Piece”: Brianna’s Tweed Jacket

By: PolishedB (Brianna Creter) My go-to fashion piece is a fabulous Zara multi-colored tweed jacket with gold embossed buttons. This is the item I immediately go to when I want to look instantly chic and pulled together. The great thing about tweed is that it goes with absolutely EVERYTHING! So, I can count on this […]

Decadent Skirting

  It’s date night and you want to seal it with a kiss… but it’s a little too chilly for that sexy dress, so why not add some decadent skirting? At P4P, we are loving the easy feel and richness a leather skirt adds. It’s a sizzling touch to turn your nippy weather frown upside […]

Seal Date Night with a KISS

  Click HERE for our TALK PHILLY SEGMENT As butterflies of anxiety and excitement fill your stomach with thoughts of Date Night approaching, don’t let them flutter and fluster your style! It’s so easy to let our nerves get the best of us for Date Night and instead of ending up relaxed and cool, we […]