Oh La La Ode to a Simple Dinner*

The first thing that came to mind when I wanted to throw a dinner for friends with an ode to “Oh La La “, was the thought of a simple meal with special details that wouldn’t break the bank. A simple meal that would still be sophisticated and tasty, but decorated by a table that […]

A Golden Gathering

Gals it’s so important for you to remember around the holiday season and really any season that your experience is what you make it. As they say, “life is but a dream. It’s what you make it.” Whether you live in a mansion, an apartment, a twin, or a dorm… You always have the option […]

Nouveau Noshing for Buck Bucks*

Entertaining in my mind should never feel like a chore, it should be something that’s enjoyed and even relaxing. So how do you make it easy on yourself? Go somewhere and get inspired! The other day I decided to stop off at a Dollarstore… I do this often. Why? Well for starters dollar stores are […]

That’s a Wrap*

Sometimes you just have a vision in mind. Whether you want to transport your party guests to another place tropical, or springy, or English, or dreamy, or garden-like… Instead of shelling out the money on a table cloth that always has the potential of getting ruined or stained… why not wrap your table with gift […]

Finding what you love… DIY Chairs

  Guest post written by: Guy Pal, Lee Singletary “Shop for what pops” – It’s a common phrase or principal you’ll find repeated while trolling the posts here at P4P. But that phrase didn’t quite resonate for me until the passing of Labor Day – where instead of planning how many (soon-to-be antiquated) white outfits […]