Oh, home is this way…

I write a Lifestyle Confidence Blog, as you know, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t lose direction at times. I’ll admit, sometimes I feel pressure to be somewhere, or be someone, or figure out every question of life all at once. Even the things that don’t need answering right now. Especially, when around me or […]

#JuneInBloom Bud for Thought*

By: Gal Pal Kyra Nelson I have learned quite a few things about myself in the past month. I’ve learned that I worry too much about things I have no control over; I’ve learned that patience is DEFINITELY a virtue. But most importantly, I’ve learned that you must allow things to bloom in your life […]

Try, Try, Try.

It was a beautiful day in Philadelphia. The sun was shining and  there was a sweet breeze through the trees that was comparable to how the smell of fresh baked cookies make you feel… Better. I then had a thought, “It’s an absolutely perfect day even if I’m not feeling so perfect. So great, but […]


Scattered… what a great word to describe what it’s like navigating through life, because that’s exactly how it can feel. Scattered. Messy. Sometimes broken. Sometimes misplaced. Sometimes thrown off. Scattered. But if you read this quote above and read what it says, and relate that scattered feeling to your dreams… try hard to look at […]


Whoever is reading this, you amaze me at how courageous you are. You amaze me. You are bold. You are courageous. You are inspiring. You are brave. Be it always. Be bold. Be courageous. Be inspired. Be as you are… a beautiful creature in a world of unknown things. Leaps and bounds, ups and downs. […]