Blushing Hot Chocolate

So you may be over all of the holiday hubbub, BUT I’m sure you’re not over a little chocolate indulgence! Or maybe you are, but I promise this hot chocolate won’t make you feel too guilty even with those New Year resolutions! You only live once anyway! Anywho, this is the perfect drink if you’re spending tonight […]

Blushing Twist On *Takeout (Part 1)

It’s so important Gals for you to come here and be inspired, not only by our monthly themes, but through posts that show you a little creativity, inspiration, and thought can make a few pennies look and feel like a million bucks! For this entertaining post, which will have two parts, I wanted to do […]

Oh La La Ode to a Simple Dinner*

The first thing that came to mind when I wanted to throw a dinner for friends with an ode to “Oh La La “, was the thought of a simple meal with special details that wouldn’t break the bank. A simple meal that would still be sophisticated and tasty, but decorated by a table that […]

Vintage Florals for Easter*

Easter is always a special holiday for me because it reminds me of Mommom Rose, her tablecloths, cooking, and my crazy cousins scattered throughout the house and around the table. It’s a day where nothing matters but food and family. So when you’re putting your tablescape together… don’t over think it and don’t over buy. […]

An Artsy Birthday Idea!

You don’t have to have a lot of money to throw a great party. You just have to be thoughtful, and at Polished for Pennies, we like to think that if we invest a lot of creativity in what is already around us, that what we do spend money on shouldn’t cost us a fortune! […]

A Simple Sampling*

So you’re having a gal pal or two over and you want to give them a sophisticated experience, how about a simple light spring sampling? Our go to for simplicity and versatility… Frittatas! Make omelet batters using different fix’in combos, pour the batter in non-stick or greased cupcakes pans and bake! SIMPLE and Polished for […]

Nouveau Noshing for Buck Bucks*

Entertaining in my mind should never feel like a chore, it should be something that’s enjoyed and even relaxing. So how do you make it easy on yourself? Go somewhere and get inspired! The other day I decided to stop off at a Dollarstore… I do this often. Why? Well for starters dollar stores are […]

Thanks Table*

With beautiful “Thank You” cards we found at Marshalls for $4.99, we thought to ourselves… what’s the best way to celebrate your guests or even say Dad for Father’s Day? Saying Thank you!! So in honor of the many people that sit around our table and yours, here’s a cool Polished for Pennies way to say […]

$6 Floral Arrangement

When you’re entertaining and you’re looking to make it memorable, don’t think that money has to do with it. Sometimes it’s just the simple things that make statements! Check it out! How cool is this modern, multiple, flower vase from Marshalls? For $5.99, it served as the perfect centerpiece for my table and was something […]

Mother’s Day? Put A Ring On It!

Looking for the perfect Polished for Pennies gift that WOWS on Mother’s Day but only costs a few pennies of your hard earned dough? How about a set of elegant napkin holders for the Mom who loves to entertain and make her home and guests feel pretty as she plays hostess! A thoughtful gift like […]

You’re A Sweet-Tea*

    When you’re a P4P Gal Pal, you’re just one of those gals that appreciate the little things. Not that you don’t want the larger things in life, but when you grow up working without, you realize that the simplest things in life can polish up your day just as good as the most […]

That’s a Wrap*

Sometimes you just have a vision in mind. Whether you want to transport your party guests to another place tropical, or springy, or English, or dreamy, or garden-like… Instead of shelling out the money on a table cloth that always has the potential of getting ruined or stained… why not wrap your table with gift […]

Thoughtless Quiche*

Ok, so the Gals are coming over and you’ve sort of sprung this idea together the night before! You’re panicking! What am I going to make, what do I have to run out and buy… WHAT DO I DO!! Gals… here is something that literally takes no thought at all and if you can make […]

Vday with the Gals!

You know how easy it is to throw a super cute soiree for you and your gal pals? Simple as PIE! It literally takes no effort at all because the most important things are already covered: the dying want of you and all your gals to get together, and the DTP (“down to party”) attitude […]

Valentine’s Day… STAY IN!

Thankfully, Valentine’s Day is all about giving love as your biggest present. But realistically it’s a pricey night out! Dinner, drinks, dancing, entertainment, parking, flowers, candy, and diamonds… naming all those things and we’ve just lost the money for our monthly car payment! Hey, we get it, but why not stay in? By no means […]

A Harvest Treat!

The other day I had a vision of a pipping hot crusty danish that oozed with gooey goodness and smelled of Pumpkin Spice… so I decided to make that vision a REALITY!! It’s amazing what you can do when you use your imagination and whatever ingredients you have in the fridge. For this I spotted […]

Sip Home-made Limoncello

What could be more sophisticated than making your very own, home-made liqueur to dazzle and entertain your guests! Fortunately, I learned it’s super easy to do and inexpensive to produce!! Claire, a very good gal pal of mines knows a thing or two about entertaining, and when offered the chance to observe her limoncello making […]