An Artsy Birthday Idea!

You don’t have to have a lot of money to throw a great party. You just have to be thoughtful, and at Polished for Pennies, we like to think that if we invest a lot of creativity in what is already around us, that what we do spend money on shouldn’t cost us a fortune! […]

Gift Yourself: A Leather Jacket *SPLURGE ALERT*

Alright so we must go decadent for the final post of Everyday Your Birthday this August! And, really, I went all out and spent $199 on a designer leather jacket from Marshalls, as my splurge piece for my Bday! I mean you only live once, $199 isn’t awful when you think about what I invested […]

Party Streamers*

Gal Pals, it’s time to let your style fly with a little fringe as the party streamers on your party dress!! How freaking cute!! You know, having a defined style is important. It’s your brand. It’s how you portray yourself to others. It’s how YOU want to be portrayed, but as much as I appreciate […]

Cake Batter Lips*

Luscious and lovely, this Everyday Your Birthday made us think of CAKE! What could be more decadent and desirable than a HUGE, SLICE OF CAKE! We don’t think anything… and in that case,¬†it got us thinking! Sure, we love POPs of pinks and oranges this summer, but we also still love the¬†seducing ways a nude […]

Gift Yourself: A Notepad

Kindles and computers are all great, but sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing and calming than putting a pen or pencil to some paper. Whether it’s to journal, to write your to-do list, to draw, or to dream up your master plan for your future master bedroom, a beautiful leather notepad may be just the gift […]

PolishedV’s Vintage Party Dress $9.99

YES IT’S POSSIBLE TO LOOK, FEEL, and LIVE LIKE A MILLION BUCKS ON A FEW SHINY PENNIES! Gals, recently change has been a little tight, so when that happens… what do I do if I’m cravin a pick-me-up piece for Everyday My Birthday? I THRIFT! I visited my local Impact Thrift store, hoping to find […]