Glossy Eyes

Working with your own skin tone, is in my opinion, the most beautiful way to wear makeup. Basically, by looking like you’re not wear much! So, here’s a quick trick to give your minimal eye makeup a POP without going overboard! Add a little gloss! Seriously! For PolishedC, I did her makeup really natural using […]

Blushing Beauty Buys at Marshalls*

Ah! Gal Pals! The beauty of “Blushing January” is inspiring us to up our makeup game by making the necessary additions to our makeup bags for 2015! What does that mean exactly? Well, we loved the idea of using our “blushing” theme as a way to bring more attention to the nudes and soft pinks of your […]

Be Playful

  Playing with color, breaks the norm and gets you feeling good about NOT playing by the rules! Just as we suggested in Out of the Box October, time to color outside of the lines!! Instead of that usual brown, neutral, or simple shimmer shade of eyeshadow try a POP! Stila has a very affordable […]

The 5 Facial Focal Points

  Gals… Easy peesey. There are 5 focal points to a sophisticated makeup bag. The focus always being on a clean complexion, natural cheeks, painted eyes, perfect brows, and pouty lips. Think fresh, think girly, think makeup that colors your face in the way your emotions do!  Like rosy cheeks when you get embarrassed, it’s […]

Dewy Eyes

When I thought of “Juicy” as the inspiration for the makeup in our Juicy June Photo Shoot, I thought eyes dripping in dewiness! But how do you make eyes look wet with sheen without the smearing, sweaty, consistency of some eye makeup products? Just use a swipe of silver power! Take PolishedN’s photo… We used […]

PolishedV chats about her new favorite pen to achieve a perfect application of eyeliner every time!! For more tips and tricks to Look, Feel, and Live like a Million Bucks on a Few Shiny Pennies! (Source:

In Honor of The Met Gala 2012…

We collaged some of our favorite looks from last night’s spectacular event. What a stunning runway of fashions, and with sights as beautiful as ornate vintage couture, ball gowns, and celebs… We thought maybe a little inspiration from these pricey gowns would be a Tuesday treat! Don’t worry, we will still be featuring a “Tappin […]

In part 2 of Camera Ready Makeup, Vittoria has a few tips and tricks to get the Double Bubble out of your lipstick & eyeshadow brush! This episode is packed with tidbits you’ll appreciate and love! (Source:

Supermodel Waves, to work your own personal runway! The only thing missing is our personal fan boy 😉  A couple notes… Make sure you get yourself a good barrel curling iron. I use a simple Revlon barrel curler that I bought for about $20 at TJMAXX, and keep it at a moderate heat. Too hot […]