A Kiss of Pop for $24.99*

Gals, is there anything better than breathing in that crisp, clean, fresh air that swirls around us every fall? I don’t think so… and so to celebrate that crispy feeling, I decided to use that as my inspiration for this clean look that breathes new life into the air with simple pieces and only a solo kiss of POP! […]

An Artist By Night & The Traveling Fab Bag!*

So fitting and fab we decided to use the Philadelphia Art Museum as our backdrop. A midst a bustling city, the Art Museum is a place of wonder, serenity, and beauty that makes you stop and inhale it’s sweetness. So fitting for this month! Whether walking the grounds or touring inside you feel something. You FEEL […]

Need a New Outfit? Have a New Perspective!

There comes a moment in every Gal Pals life where she stares into the abyss of her closet and she stands still. She doesn’t move. She keeps staring. Her clothes staring back at her and she thinks, ” I have nothing.” (deep sigh) Well, at Polished for Pennies, we believe you ALWAYS have something. You […]

Simply Oh La La*

We love when our Gal Pals get into the spirit of our monthly themes!! It’s times like this, when we rally together and share in confidence and fashion, that really makes me super proud this blog and all of you for putting yourselves out there! Celebrating this month’s Oh La La October with us is […]

The Bootie

Feeling the crush of leaves under our feet and the sounds of snap, crackle, and POP… You know it’s fall and you know it’s BOOT SEASON!!! Nothing like fall bundling up, layering on loads of scarves, sweaters, and cottons, then throwing on those jeans or leggings and topping it off with a boot! This season, […]

Shine outside the Box!

  An Out of the Box October that is all about pushing limits and trying things that YOU think look fabulous.  To start off my Out of the Box* look I have a metallic gold painted sweater that I got for $14.98 from Kohls!!! I am not usually the type of girl to be hitting […]

*TMTT Gets Fabulous!

  Written By: Gal Pal Jennifer McDevitt, Creator of Fabulous Shoe Night   I took this month’s P4P theme, “Out of the Box October,” as the very best sort of personal challenge. We all have a personal style, but how often do you really veer, even slightly, from your style comfort zones? For example, I […]

Out of the Box October

  Gals, we need to think outside of ourselves. Outside of our pre-set limitations and start thinking this  month,  why not? Why can’t I? Why shouldn’t I? It’s Out of the Box October and we are thrilled to push our minds into the uncharted waters of our creativity and find more ways to use it. […]

I wish I was in NYC for #FW, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dressing in Front Row Style! AND doing it Polished for Pennies!! Those Stuart Weitzman Booties were $29.99! No freaking joke! @nordstromrack #shopforwhatpops #pickem&flipem #heavyisluxury(Taken with Instagram)