Double D* Denim & Designer (Chanel for $19.99)

Gals… Nothing gets me going more than a black designer gem and a floor length denim coat! 😉  No really. It’s a combo that provides a feeling of luxury living, city edge, and sophistication that makes this combo perfect for upping your confidence when the temps are dropping! Now let me break down this look. Let’s start […]

Sporty Starlet*

Love me some overalls!! Girlll…… I know, I know, but I had to. If you’re not into a sweet pair of overalls, I completely understand, but may I say these super easy, comfortable, and stylish overalls for $24.99 at Marshalls gave this starlet a gal on the go look with a SUPER sporty edge! With back to […]

City Fringe POP*

Who would have thunk a top with this much life and personality… AND POP would only cost $24.99? This super sweet sweater from Marshalls was full of POP so it had to be grabbed off the rack! Being that it was so different and how much I love making a style statement, I wanted to show you […]

Blush, Black, Snow, and Gold*

     What’s blush, black, gold with snow all over? A Polished for Pennies ensemble that’s the epitome of a HIGH LOW look! We love the idea of mixing high end items with less expensive pieces because sometimes you just don’t have the bucks to spend on an entire high end style, or you need […]

Party Streamers*

Gal Pals, it’s time to let your style fly with a little fringe as the party streamers on your party dress!! How freaking cute!! You know, having a defined style is important. It’s your brand. It’s how you portray yourself to others. It’s how YOU want to be portrayed, but as much as I appreciate […]

Flying for Fringe*

  Allowing an outfit to have style has a lot to do with letting style speak through the pieces you select. For example, we’re flying high right now for fringe and the great thing about this texture is that is has a voice. It has inspiration! When you think of fringe, you might think of a […]

Navajo Fringe and Fur

  Navajo inspiration continues to make us feel filled with luxury, and a lot of that FEEL comes into play with this look. Let’s talk fringe, let’s talk metal, and let’s talk a faux fur vest! Heavy is Luxury Gals, and for this look we Shopped for What Popped! Again, starting with an T, we […]