Gal Pals… I have to literally DO my hair every single day. No seriously, like… DO IT. Curling iron, blow dryer, hair spray, hair protector, and more hair spray every single day for work. Which leaves me feeling pretty afterwards, but the initial act sometimes feels like an uphill climb where I’m already exhausted by […]

VIDEO “Fearless” Hair and Makeup*

Looking for a quick and easy way to have fearlessly mod eyes like Twiggy and sexy hair like Felicity Shagwell?! Take a look at our latest episode of PolishedTV, where we go behind the scenes of our “Fearless February” Polished for Pennies photoshoot at the Sonesta Hotel! We’re talking an easy application on the eyes […]

Go Organic*

Looking for a  hair-do that has movement, character, and style that’s all your own? Well… that’s what we’re saying! Go organic, go natural, and go you this June In Bloom! Follow the flow of your hair’s natural texture and see what you end up with! With a few bobby pins, a spritz of spray, and […]

Necklaces in Your Hair?

So headbands, hair jewelry, and head dresses can be seen from Coachella to down the isle… and we say, why not save yourself the cash flow of that brand new bling, and see what sings in your own jewelry box!! That’s right Gals, in our June In Bloom photo shoot, we were scouring our accessories […]

A POP to Your Pony*

So adorable! So recently I was checking out at Marshalls, and of course you’re always allowing your eyes to wander around the things they have displayed by their registers… those tricksters 😉 Well, needless to say, my wandering eyes spotted the cutest little do dads ever! These embellished hair ties! I’ve got to admit, I’m […]

The Side Pony Sweetheart*

  What’s flirtier than hair that looks as if you just woke up perfectly polished? We think nothing! Allowing your natural flyaways, natural texture, and natural sass speak through your locks was our inspiration for PolishedN’s sweet side pony from our #flirtyfeb photoshoot! The great thing is, this look is super easy to create and […]


  Written By: Polished Gal Pal Jenna D. As we jumped over July we’re starting to really feel that hot summer heat.  While the sun gives us a gorgeous glow, it also has its downfalls…the dreaded humidity, leaving us some days with horrible hair. So gal pals, how do we fix this problem? It’s simple, […]

PolishedV explains step by step, the process of using Velcro Rollers to get Bounce and Volume without the Expensive Salon Blow Out! It’s a #MakeoverMarch Tip for Looking and Feeling like a Million Bucks on a Few Shiny Pennies! (Source:

What an icon, and think about it… her outfit and smoke stick aren’t selling the beauty of this photo. SHE IS. She could be wearing dollar store accessories and a discount dress and you know what, she’d still look like a Million Bucks. You don’t notice anything  but the beauty and confidence of her. You […]

Here is the full segment of Polished for Pennies National Debut on ABC’s The Revolution hosted by Tim Gunn! We have a lot to talk about and a lot to share about our experience, so we hope you keep it here and buckle up for TONS more on P4P’s “Road to the Revolution”! Comment, ask, […]

Supermodel Waves, to work your own personal runway! The only thing missing is our personal fan boy 😉  A couple notes… Make sure you get yourself a good barrel curling iron. I use a simple Revlon barrel curler that I bought for about $20 at TJMAXX, and keep it at a moderate heat. Too hot […]