Gal Pals… I have to literally DO my hair every single day. No seriously, like… DO IT. Curling iron, blow dryer, hair spray, hair protector, and more hair spray every single day for work. Which leaves me feeling pretty afterwards, but the initial act sometimes feels like an uphill climb where I’m already exhausted by […]

The Side Pony Sweetheart*

  What’s flirtier than hair that looks as if you just woke up perfectly polished? We think nothing! Allowing your natural flyaways, natural texture, and natural sass speak through your locks was our inspiration for PolishedN’s sweet side pony from our #flirtyfeb photoshoot! The great thing is, this look is super easy to create and […]

Supermodel Waves, to work your own personal runway! The only thing missing is our personal fan boy ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  A couple notes… Make sure you get yourself a good barrel curling iron. I use a simple Revlon barrel curler that I bought for about $20 at TJMAXX, and keep it at a moderate heat. Too hot […]