Hopping and Hoping*

  Oh the bunny rabbit! 🙂 As a kid, and even now, Easter is one of my favorite holidays! And no, not just because of the Easter bunny, maybe… but primarily because it’s finally spring! The time when fresh tulips and daffodils peek through the ground as a sign that a whole new season is […]

Humble Bumble Bee*

Maybe it’s just me recently, but lately I’ve felt that on a daily basis it’s easy to underestimate the influence we have on one another. Thinking that no one is watching us, hearing us, or feeling us. Thinking that the normal and average things we do, do not have power like: Saying thank you. Completing an […]

Winging Life and Making Your Own*

Hi my best Gal Pals. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “Pick Me Up” and honestly it’s because I’ve been winging my life. Rolling with it. Feeling it out. Living it. Sorting it. Balancing it. Loving it and breathing it in. Which has made me feel like this thought would be a good […]


I know I’ve been a little light on posts this week Gals, but Pope Francis has taken precedent at the moment. Both at work at CBS Philly and really just in life. Events like this force you to sit down and pay attention to our world, and what we could be doing better. It makes us aware. Fortunately […]

Imagination Nation

There have been many things that I have imagined in my life. I have imagined performing in front of thousands. I have imagined using my voice to help influence the good in others with an uplifting purpose. I have imagined fashion as my message and creation as my outlet. I have imagined the worth in me as my […]

Painting Your Own Pace*

Sometimes it’s so hard, like really freaking hard, to pace ourselves. I’ll speak for myself here. Sometimes it’s really freaking hard to pace myself. To relax and enjoy the flow of life without concerning myself so much on the destination. The final picture. The end goals… is really hard! I mean, It’s great to have goals […]

You Jeweled Wonder*

There will come atleast one time in your life, if not a few, where you’ll be left to think about the next step. You’ll feel challenged. What you want… Where you’re going… Who’s around… Who’s not… and Why am I here? You’ll have to think about yourself and your life. Your precious life may feel […]


At first glance this quote might seem a little dark. Making you feel alone in this world and that you have to trek it all by yourself. But then again, if you re-read it… I hope you find it empowering. I hope it tells you that YOU can change your life. YOU can create your dreams… and […]

Look Up. Smile Back.

There were two times this week where I had to stop and stare at the moon. It’s been so full and the sky so clear in Philadelphia this month. The moon has been stellar. Perfect. Round, bright, and the beacon of hope among all the stars carrying the dreams of sky-gazers like me. It’s like […]

A New Way to Look at Grey*

I truly believe that not everything in life is black and white and if it were… or if you believe it is… is that helpful? I’m not saying I’m right, or you are, or she is or he is, but it’s an interesting thought to think about the shades of grey in life that defy […]

Brand NEW Monthly Theme: “A New April”

Sometimes I think we forget that everyday is a “NEW” day. I’m guilty of this and honestly sometimes we just get caught up in human feelings like doubt or fear, that prevent us from seeing the polished potential through the dusty days. But this “A New April” is here to remind us of the fresh […]

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Oh Dear Beautiful Girl, I pray for you to feel worthy. Worthy of the greatest of things. Of love, of life, and of living. These things exist in great magnitude and they are yours if you allow yourself to feel worthy of them with open arms. I pray for you to rely on the strongest part of […]

Why A Coffee Can Be A Catalyst*

     When you want something bad enough all you have to do is ask. When you want something bad enough asking the right people is imperative. When you want something bad enough you have to envision yourself there. When you want something bad enough a coffee can be a catalyst. For every Gal Pal who ever wondered… […]

Fearlessly Pretend*

Gals, we here at Polished for Pennies are just like you. We’re sisters, cousins, friends, daughters, gal pals, and dreamers and if you look through this picture, you’ll see that. Beyond the makeup, stunning art, high pigmented dresses, and fearless model poses, you’ll see there are just two cousins. Two cousins who love just to […]

Fearless February

So here we are. Blessed to be given another day to follow our hearts. Reap the benefits of pulling ourselves together, taking a deep breath, and throwing on that lipstick to go out and give life a try. Again. A try to concur the world. A try to feel victorious at work. A try to […]