Humble Bumble Bee*

Maybe it’s just me recently, but lately I’ve felt that on a daily basis it’s easy to underestimate the influence we have on one another. Thinking that no one is watching us, hearing us, or feeling us. Thinking that the normal and average things we do, do not have power like: Saying thank you. Completing an […]


At first glance this quote might seem a little dark. Making you feel alone in this world and that you have to trek it all by yourself. But then again, if you re-read it… I hope you find it empowering. I hope it tells you that YOU can change your life. YOU can create your dreams… and […]

Fearless February

So here we are. Blessed to be given another day to follow our hearts. Reap the benefits of pulling ourselves together, taking a deep breath, and throwing on that lipstick to go out and give life a try. Again. A try to concur the world. A try to feel victorious at work. A try to […]

Nouveau November

Gals it’s time to ARRIVE! By definition “nouveau” can mean a few things : modern, up to date, newly arrived, developed… and I thought about all those words and came to the conclusion that aren’t we all waiting for the moment to arrive? To feel that we are here, strong, now, in the present, confident, […]

Small Beginnings

Someone told me this the other day and I thought about it, or at least tried to think about it. It’s quite the struggle to force your brain to focus on the small accomplishments you’re making, when your focus is always on the bigger picture. I’m guilty of this all the time. I’m 26, and […]