My Vintage Easter Outfit for $14!

     Every Easter I’m transported back to the kids table at my Mommom’s house. Sipping slowly a red wine spritzer, making eye contact with my cousins thinking we’re getting a “buzz”. Eating the most delicious traditional Italian food in gluttony until the ribbons on our Easter dresses had to be undone. Feeling the feelings of love and […]

Simply Oh La La*

We love when our Gal Pals get into the spirit of our monthly themes!! It’s times like this, when we rally together and share in confidence and fashion, that really makes me super proud this blog and all of you for putting yourselves out there! Celebrating this month’s Oh La La October with us is […]

Transport Yourself* & Style*

While working items from my own closet for Malibu May, I selected them by asking myself, “Is this Malibu? Is this Cali?” Funny enough a super cool Cali-goer Gal Pal, hit us up on Instagram and said, “Malibu May makes me think of Free People!” She used her imagination and automatically was able to associate a feeling, […]

Lovely Lace*

       To dream in luxury, my minds drifts into the studios of Marchesa, Vera, and Valentino… and when I think of those powerhouses, I think of lace! And those three know how to use it in ways that are awe-worthy and dream-like! The thing that makes lace stand out is it’s uniqueness. It […]

Something Flirty, Fun, and Sassy to Kick off Apricot April! This was actually the inspiration for making April about Apricot! Style director Cristi and myself, spotted this little beauty in Target! It’s adorable, and if you need a pick me up on the days where you don’t feel so pretty, this will do it for […]