Gal Pals… Contouring may be the makeup wave of the future but with springtime right around the corner, I like to keep my makeup simple, fresh, and free from {honestly} just too much makeup! With that said, here are my go-to products for a fresh face in 3 products for under $10 each! Maybelline’s Fit me! […]

Lady Danger*

Oh la la gals! Every one of us needs a lip color that makes us feel glam, motivated, confident, desired, sultry, sexy, and down right awe-worthy! For us, this month is all about a rich, bold, and rockin’ red-orange by MAC that will make every passer-by go Oh La La! We give you… Lady Danger! […]


Written By: Jenna DeAngelis I think every girl can agree, the best makeup is the kind that you apply once and then leave home. When you’re out and having a good time, the last thing you want to do is dig in your bag to re-apply. Following the theme of POWER for Take Action August I decided to […]