You Jeweled Wonder*

There will come atleast one time in your life, if not a few, where you’ll be left to think about the next step. You’ll feel challenged. What you want… Where you’re going… Who’s around… Who’s not… and Why am I here? You’ll have to think about yourself and your life. Your precious life may feel […]

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Oh Dear Beautiful Girl, I pray for you to feel worthy. Worthy of the greatest of things. Of love, of life, and of living. These things exist in great magnitude and they are yours if you allow yourself to feel worthy of them with open arms. I pray for you to rely on the strongest part of […]


It was a Saturday afternoon. I had been putting off chores for weeks… okay fine, it’s been a few months. I just didn’t feel like it. There it was a ton of clothes piled up and jewelry scattered across the chest of drawers I’ve been stuffing ignorantly for days with more clothes and more mess. […]

Get Caught*

Whether you’re a spiritual person or not, it doesn’t matter, but I decided to go to church the other day to clear my mind. Pray a little and find some inspiration. I found it. Or should I say… I was caught. It’s amazing what happens when you open your heart, ears, and mind to anyone […]

Nothing is Unapproachable

I want you to think about something. Look at the picture of PolishedC above. Wearing a $39.99 dress, she’s seated elegantly with great poise and posture at the bar of the Four Seasons Hotel. Her dress doesn’t make her look cheap even though it was bought on pennies… (*it’s also not cheap retail wise anyway, […]

I met a “Barbie” and SHE was bullied…

You can sit here and think the title of this article is completely bogus, but maybe that’s because you never gave the pretty girl, the chance to tell her story. I will say this, this post isn’t about advocating pretty girls, because there are some nasty chicks out there with perfect cheek bones too, but […]