Fuzzy Was She

 Gal Pals! Whats GOOODDDDDDDDDD… I’m dishing out this new post with a message of fashionable fuzz! With fall weather now here, I never like getting rid of all of my summer favorites, like jumpsuits, so adding furry touches is the best way to take that seasonal item and give it some more “stick around” time […]

A Vampy Visit*

     So maybe you’re heading home for Thanksgiving, traveling to visit your BF’s family, or just making dinner at home… Well, since this Nouveau November we’re all about ARRIVING in style and spirit, may we encourage you to vamp up your visiting attire in something delicious, unexpected, festive, and quite frankly BOLD! For this […]

Simply Oh La La*

We love when our Gal Pals get into the spirit of our monthly themes!! It’s times like this, when we rally together and share in confidence and fashion, that really makes me super proud this blog and all of you for putting yourselves out there! Celebrating this month’s Oh La La October with us is […]

Transport Yourself* & Style*

While working items from my own closet for Malibu May, I selected them by asking myself, “Is this Malibu? Is this Cali?” Funny enough a super cool Cali-goer Gal Pal, hit us up on Instagram and said, “Malibu May makes me think of Free People!” She used her imagination and automatically was able to associate a feeling, […]

Strapped in Sophistication*

Strapped in confidence Gals, you’ll be ready to take the world by the horns! It’s TMTT and this Sophisticated September we’re celebrating strappies… forget the peep toes, wedges, and even booties just yet and get strapped. Why? Well, there is nothing like a strappy shoe with a beautiful arch to accentuate your womanhood, ankles, and […]

PolishedV (Vittoria Woodill) talks “How to Shop for what POPS” when looking for a Work Wardrobe that will keep you Polished for Pennies! Tons of Tips included on this segment of CBS Philadelphia. For more tips and tricks to Look, Feel, and Live like a Million Bucks on a few Shiny Pennies, visit us at […]

Zip Time, Zero Dollars, even less Patience

You know, there are a few times where we as women, feel we need something to brighten up our wardrobe when it’s feeling a little dull. You think to yourself, “how many times can I wear this stuff over and over?!” Frustration than sets in, and you find yourself running to the nearest boutique or […]