Gal Pals… Contouring may be the makeup wave of the future but with springtime right around the corner, I like to keep my makeup simple, fresh, and free from {honestly} just too much makeup! With that said, here are my go-to products for a fresh face in 3 products for under $10 each! Maybelline’s Fit me! […]

A Brush Set to Make You Blush!

Gal Pals! It’s been a while I know and I’ve missed you!! A few amazing things have happened in these past two months that I’ve really been super focused on, like GETTING ENGAGED (holy moly lol), but more details to come on all of those amazing things, but for now speaking of amazing things, I’m […]

VIDEO “Fearless” Hair and Makeup*

Looking for a quick and easy way to have fearlessly mod eyes like Twiggy and sexy hair like Felicity Shagwell?! Take a look at our latest episode of PolishedTV, where we go behind the scenes of our “Fearless February” Polished for Pennies photoshoot at the Sonesta Hotel! We’re talking an easy application on the eyes […]

Glossy Eyes

Working with your own skin tone, is in my opinion, the most beautiful way to wear makeup. Basically, by looking like you’re not wear much! So, here’s a quick trick to give your minimal eye makeup a POP without going overboard! Add a little gloss! Seriously! For PolishedC, I did her makeup really natural using […]

Blushing Beauty Buys at Marshalls*

Ah! Gal Pals! The beauty of “Blushing January” is inspiring us to up our makeup game by making the necessary additions to our makeup bags for 2015! What does that mean exactly? Well, we loved the idea of using our “blushing” theme as a way to bring more attention to the nudes and soft pinks of your […]

Gold Dipped Party Makeup (VIDEO)

Hey Gals! I have a feeling you’re going to love this! Welcome my good gal pal and makeup guru Ms. Urban Delight to Polished for Pennies! As an Urban Decay enthusiast and life cheerleader, M.U.D shows us some Tips and Tricks for a Gold Dipped Party look that’s perfect for any holiday! Grab your coffee […]

It Gift*

  Ya know Gals, when I buy gifts I try to buy gifts that will hopefully have a nice long ROI! That’s return on investment and gals this item here is not only one that lasts a long long time, but it’s a stylish “it” gift for the girl who loves and appreciates beauty products […]

Lady Danger*

Oh la la gals! Every one of us needs a lip color that makes us feel glam, motivated, confident, desired, sultry, sexy, and down right awe-worthy! For us, this month is all about a rich, bold, and rockin’ red-orange by MAC that will make every passer-by go Oh La La! We give you… Lady Danger! […]

Cake Batter Lips*

Luscious and lovely, this Everyday Your Birthday made us think of CAKE! What could be more decadent and desirable than a HUGE, SLICE OF CAKE! We don’t think anything… and in that case, it got us thinking! Sure, we love POPs of pinks and oranges this summer, but we also still love the seducing ways a nude […]

Sun Kissed Palette*

OBSESSION ALERT* It was a trip to Forever 21 where, oh so perfectly, neon Malibu May inspired palm trees graced the cover of an eye palette that POPPED off of one of their display tables! Gals, ever since we spotted this beautiful set of powdered shadows, PolishedV has literally been using it EVERYDAY since! Seriously! In […]

Gal Pal Review: Clinique Cleansing Balm*

Written by: Christina Pagano   As a full-coverage foundation wearing, liquid-eyeliner obsessed, acne prone gal, getting ready for bed is the most tedious part of the day. Cleaning off this much makeup requires eye makeup remover, face wash, and cleansing pads to remove all remnant of the day’s beauty. This time commitment really made me […]

Feeling Flushed for a Buck!

Man is it awesome to only have a few pennies to spend and actually buy something that makes them stretch! On a recent trip to a dollar store, PolishedV spotted a little tube of pretty in the beauty isle and gave it a whirl during our FlirtyFeb photo shoot! Feast your eyes on the perfect […]

Fabfound Gift #2 under $10!

  How adorable are these tubes of glossy goodness by Betsey Johnson! For under $10 at Marshalls, you’re giving a designer gift to your Gal Pal that’s POPPY, fun, and useful! Who doesn’t love and/ or need another gloss! We, at least, never can get enough. And with the variety pack you get here, there’s […]

Frame the Windows of Your Soul

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul… so open them up wide brimmed boldly with beautiful metallic shadow. Intern Ashley’s eyes are a piercing green with spots of honey and hazel, so we played up her eyes and skin tone with amethyst. Using a small eyeshadow brush we simply followed her eye […]

Be Playful

  Playing with color, breaks the norm and gets you feeling good about NOT playing by the rules! Just as we suggested in Out of the Box October, time to color outside of the lines!! Instead of that usual brown, neutral, or simple shimmer shade of eyeshadow try a POP! Stila has a very affordable […]

The Right Red Lipstick

There’s nothing hotter in fall right now than red lips. But you’re hesitant. Is this red too bold? Is this red to hot? Is this red to dark? Is this red really me? But instead of worrying how it looks or maybe what others will think, select the shade of red lipstick based on your […]

The 5 Facial Focal Points

  Gals… Easy peesey. There are 5 focal points to a sophisticated makeup bag. The focus always being on a clean complexion, natural cheeks, painted eyes, perfect brows, and pouty lips. Think fresh, think girly, think makeup that colors your face in the way your emotions do!  Like rosy cheeks when you get embarrassed, it’s […]


Written By: Jenna DeAngelis I think every girl can agree, the best makeup is the kind that you apply once and then leave home. When you’re out and having a good time, the last thing you want to do is dig in your bag to re-apply. Following the theme of POWER for Take Action August I decided to […]