Mod MoGal

We’re not afraid to take some chances and neither is PolishedC! This look was obviously inspired by the swinging sixties and is most certainly mod without the modesty! Yeah baby she looks like a MO-GAL!  It’s flirty, feminine, and we’re making statements with statement pieces that don’t have to cost you a lot of money. […]

A Black In-Vestment*

Gals, if I can influence you to purchase one style piece at the moment, that will give you structure, style, and polish in an instant, it would be this in-VESTment from Marshalls for $29.99! If you haven’t guessed I’m talking about the black tux-inspired vest that’s weight is Heavy with Luxury. That has amazing Zipfactor fit without the […]

Gingham Gal NYFW

Boom! Clack! Fearless! Hello Gingham! Gal Pals, tell me… is there anything better than walking down the street with self-confidence? Wind in your hair, spirits high, and sizzling fashion making you feel fearless… allow me to answer for you, NOPE! And, when you’re Polished for Pennies you know it’s possible to feel that BOOM CLACK even […]

Fearless Sweetheart*

This Valentines Day Gals, lets talk sweethearts! Sweet necklines that bubble right at the bosom in a feminine yet sophisticated way, could be the perfect shape to get you feeling warm, fuzzy, and fearless on Vday! On my beautiful cousin Gabriella, we found this fantastic, multicolored sweetheart dress, with a frilly waist that was $20 at the […]

Bundled in Blush*

      Gals! I’m obsessing over this Zara blush pink coat that I scooped up for $49.99 during their recent end of the holiday sale! As soon as I walked in it POPPED right off of the rack!  With gorgeous tailoring and material that’s Heavy with Luxury, forget the zipper, this jacket has Zipfactor and a […]