Color Mixing? Why NOT!

Gals, there is no better way to boost your mood than to think of spring/summer and throw on a COLOR!! YES… A COLOR!! We found this gorgeous dress  at “The Nest”. It’s a vintage number, that has major Zipfactor, a color combo of electric blue and purple to lush over, and can be switched and […]

Flying for Fringe*

  Allowing an outfit to have style has a lot to do with letting style speak through the pieces you select. For example, we’re flying high right now for fringe and the great thing about this texture is that is has a voice. It has inspiration! When you think of fringe, you might think of a […]

*Mixing Peplum

I had a thought… So I bought this pink peplum skirt at Banana Republic for under $20 and have been meaning to get it taken in to fit just right… Well! As you know things come up, minutes go by, and that great idea you had is now collecting dust in the back of your […]

Get Lucky*

You don’t really know how lucky you are do you? I know that feeling sometimes, when times get hard, you feel hopeless, and you feel uncertain, but you’re still lucky. It’s time to get up. I know that feeling sometimes, when times get hard, you feel sad, depressed, and heavy hearted… but you’re still lucky. It’s […]

Don’t Stop Until You Spot the Dot*

  So I’m going to start off by saying that these Charles Jourdan strappy “Leather Madge High Heel Sandals” are $100 from TJMaxx. Well, actually $99.99. And right now you’re probably like, PolishedV seriously? These shoes are 100 bucks and you talk about the fact that you’re Polished for Pennies! …I know, it sounds crazy, but one […]

Opposite Day*

  Okay, so one’s things for sure… even though it’s tough to do, we’ve got to let things ride. Unleash the tight grasp of fear, and allow your assumptions to deflate their hot air. Our cultivated mess, our worries, our doubts, our want for control, because when it’s out of our hands, we can just […]

Texture Twist*

  Gals… do we have a shoe that will put some pep in your step as we spring into this month! Take a look at these twisted textured beauties! DSW is featuring these Rachel by Rachel Roy Keedan lace pumps for $39.95 and they were originally $99! Now that’s P4P! Why? Well they are unique. […]

*Mix it Up March*

Gals, no more laying around! No more lack-luster, no more hiding the shine, no more sitting back, no more hibernating, no more “NO’S”!! Or If’s, or Doubts, or But’s or COMPLAINING! NO MORE! From this month onward… we’re MIXING THINGS UP! Like the old saying goes, we’re turning our can’ts into cans and dreams into […]