I know for some snow means sadness, and I get it! Trust me… it can be freezing and no fun when it comes to how inconvenient it can be for your car and your style! BUT… Turning your freezing frowns upside with a POPPIN’ attitude can not only brighten your style but your attitude towards […]

Memorial Day Bright*

This look may look a little familiar… I’m taking your back to the sunny city of LA, where I styled this look for Marshalls in a house in the hills a little while back! Why resurface this style?Because Memorial Day is a day that puts that summer feel in the air and the world automatically looks a […]

Easy Brrrreezy*

We’re finally starting to feel spring peek it’s head through the atmosphere but there’s still a bit of a chill in the air! So don’t ditch those jackets yet… Keep them on hand but layer your layers underneath with POP and comfort like Colie! Adding a spring touch of athletic wear with that down jacket […]

PolishedC Even Made The Rite Aid Top POP!

Gals for serious… Could you die from the cuteness! lol PolishedC, my sister Cristi and P4P Style Director, humored me for a day as I challenged her to style that $5.99 Rite Aid top into something fabulous. Semi-skeptical and totally our of her style-zone, she obliged and came out SHOCKED and STUNTIN’ in this POPPING […]

Weekend Casual Navajo!

  Time to take natural tones and  give them a casual cool pinch of POP! Inspired by Navajo November, we took a simple Navajo inspired T that cost mere pennies and transformed it with a touch of P4P! PolishedV is all about making inexpensive things look regal and more lush, so with a few touches […]