Get Tinseled*

Just a little idea to get you in the spirit and have your style sparkling around the Christmas tree. This vintage little tinsel dress was found for $5 at a small thrift store… it just goes to show when you Shop for What Pops, you’ll Shine! I hope this gives you enough confidence and hope […]

A Secretly Sequined Delivery*

How amazing is it to be thought of Gals? I honestly feel that that is all us Gals are looking for in this world. To be thought of. To be appreciated and to be celebrated. Working with so many amazing bloggers, I can say that our Project Fab Secret Santa Exchange has been amazing to […]

Party Streamers*

Gal Pals, it’s time to let your style fly with a little fringe as the party streamers on your party dress!! How freaking cute!! You know, having a defined style is important. It’s your brand. It’s how you portray yourself to others. It’s how YOU want to be portrayed, but as much as I appreciate […]