Imagination Nation

There have been many things that I have imagined in my life. I have imagined performing in front of thousands. I have imagined using my voice to help influence the good in others with an uplifting purpose. I have imagined fashion as my message and creation as my outlet. I have imagined the worth in me as my […]

3 Best DIY Facial Masks! (VIDEO)

Gal Pals, we all love to be pampered but some of us don’t have that $100 handy for a facial. So these 3 facial masks that I shot with are the perfect Polished for Pennies home remedy for pampering in a pinch without the fees and tip! Click the photo about to watch and […]

An Artist By Day & The Traveling Fab Bag!*

So you may have seen our “An Artist by Night” post featuring the Marshalls “Traveling Fab Bag”! So if you haven’t seen it CLICK HERE! But if you have, this post is about taking those same pieces and making the avant garde even more minimalistic! That way if the BOLD COLORFUL artist vibe isn’t your thing, you […]

An Artist By Night & The Traveling Fab Bag!*

So fitting and fab we decided to use the Philadelphia Art Museum as our backdrop. A midst a bustling city, the Art Museum is a place of wonder, serenity, and beauty that makes you stop and inhale it’s sweetness. So fitting for this month! Whether walking the grounds or touring inside you feel something. You FEEL […]

Artsy August* Life is Your Canvas

  If you look at your everyday for what it really is… it’s a blank canvas. Ready to be splattered, made, created, painted, and smeared with whatever it is you want to bring to life. Life… your life… is your master piece. It’s your greatest work of art, so this August, why not bring your […]

3 Ways One Cover-Up (Look #2 JetSetGal)

Layering  a few comfy essentials underneath this almost sheer swim coverup is the perfect way to transform this beach essential into a modern, chic, and comfy look for a plane ride out of town! The last thing you want to feel when jetsetting is uncomfortable! So when traveling, I always opt for something that’s light and […]

You Jeweled Wonder*

There will come atleast one time in your life, if not a few, where you’ll be left to think about the next step. You’ll feel challenged. What you want… Where you’re going… Who’s around… Who’s not… and Why am I here? You’ll have to think about yourself and your life. Your precious life may feel […]

A Black In-Vestment*

Gals, if I can influence you to purchase one style piece at the moment, that will give you structure, style, and polish in an instant, it would be this in-VESTment from Marshalls for $29.99! If you haven’t guessed I’m talking about the black tux-inspired vest that’s weight is Heavy with Luxury. That has amazing Zipfactor fit without the […]

A New View on Shorts!

Gals! I’m usually not a shorts kind of Gal, but I will tell you that I’m trying something new and attempting to incorporate more of them in my spring and summer wardrobe. I mean when you have so many cute options, like these floral cuties from Marshalls for $14.99… it’s hard not to throw them […]

P4P in LA with Marshalls! Look #2* (Video)

I was just telling someone the other day that women are like peacocks. We are attracted to vast beauty, fantastic color, and fluttering fashion that leaves us in awe similar to how the magnificent feathers of a male peacock attract their mates. And when you’re Polished for Pennies… it’s possible to still radiant grandness in your style by […]

This Shirt is A Pair of Shorts*

So this post is pretty hilarious for me because I felt like a total idiot in the dressing room after I realized this top was actually shorts! However, I’m happy that I made the decision to start looking at the mistake as the magic! This is the beauty of keeping a Polished for Pennies eye for […]

P4P in LA with Marshalls! Look#1 (Video)

Gals! All I can say about my recent trip to LA working with Marshalls is well… I’m speechless! lol Just look at that face! Freaking speechless! I was in heaven! It’s one thing to do what you love, but it’s something completely different to be noticed by a brand you so truly believe in and […]

A Weird Mix of Prints (In a good way)*

  I was watching a video of Justin Timberlake accepting The Innovator Award at the IHeart Radio Music Awards on Facebook the other day. His acceptance speech was awesome. He talked about weirdness. How weirdness and being weird is nothing but creative and creative people being who they are because they’ve got ideas. How we should never […]

Brand NEW Monthly Theme: “A New April”

Sometimes I think we forget that everyday is a “NEW” day. I’m guilty of this and honestly sometimes we just get caught up in human feelings like doubt or fear, that prevent us from seeing the polished potential through the dusty days. But this “A New April” is here to remind us of the fresh […]