#GiveAPenny: Kaylee

I sat down to have a great meal of wood fired pizzas and vino after work with a good gal pal of mine. Just thought of it really as a time to wind down and take a moment to not think about the stressfulness of the week and have a good meal with a friend, […]

PolishedN Says Howdy to Pink Overalls…

One word…..OVERALLS!!!! Now for many people we put overalls under a HECK NO category assuming that only kids and farmers can pull them off, but that is so not the case.  P4P loves to show our viewers that no piece of clothing is unapproachable and with the right jewels, hair and makeup you can make […]

Broad Street or Bust

A reluctant runner’s guide to conquering the iconic race… By: Kathleen Garvin New runner? Not really; I’ve ran off and on for the last few years. Enthusiastic? Not so much. Most days, I feel at odds with my running shoes. But the Broad Street Run is more than a race: it’s become a family bonding […]

Welcome to my Parisian/VDay/Birthday Brunch!

Gal Pals to stretch your pennies and have the most beautiful brunch, pack it with love and get creative with what you already have!! That is exactly what I did when I entertained a few of my gal pals last week! Welcome to my Parisian/VDay/Birthday Brunch! The best way to plan a brunch is to […]

Not everyone will like you…

A friend sent me this link with the following note. “Interesting article. Keep on dreaming and pursuing your passion. Fondly, Barb” No matter what, keep your circle of friends, mentors, and family true, honest, and supportive. You are a gift with so much Polished Potential, so start believing it! There are people rooting for you […]

#GiveAPenny: Liz Trost

@lizztrost Glad to see our fellow p4p gals are enjoying @polishedv latest post!! Your feedback means a lot, and we are here to help, because we are all in this together! … #justbeyoujanuary #polishedconfidence

Miss Urban Delight’s “Great Wall”

Miss Urban Delight hit me up the other day sharing her #JustBeYouJanuary News!! We’re super proud of her, and you’ll just have to tune in later to see what she said!!! As of right now, here is a shot of her in front of her “Great Wall”!! This is the Polished for Pennies Trick for […]

Different is Beautiful

By: Colie Woodill Coming from someone who dreads writing, I would have never thought that I would be compelled to write a post.  But when reading P4P you become confident in yourself, and realize that YOU are capable to tackle anything, so here goes nothing….. Everyone has struggles they face everyday, but the key to […]

January… Just Be You!

We’ve been SO lucky at Polished for Pennies, to have our Gal Pals hit us up and ask us… “What will next month’s theme be????” WE LOVE getting creative, feeling inspired, and getting Gal Pals motivated to attack another month of challenges with a little sass, fun, and CONFIDENCE! Even if you only have pennies […]

Your Wednesday Pick Me Up: Take a moment.

When you grow up, there are days where you have to stand alone to defend yourself, your principles, your worth, and even your name. I remember that first day of growing pains about 4 years ago, and to be honest my story doesn’t even matter, but this quote reminded me of that day, and how […]

P4P Pumpkin French Toast!

Pumpkin French Toast! Do you have Pumpkin Spice creamer in your fridge? Swap out the milk for some of that in your French toast mixture and voila! If I had the ingredients, I’d probably whip up a homemade whipped cream and fold in a small scoop of canned pumpkin for an added punch of Pump! […]

A note to YOU!

Polished for Pennies shouldn’t be the place just for tips and tricks. It’s a place to remind you, that YOU own your greatest potential, and YOU create the decisions that define how YOU live your life. YOU need to be the person to pick yourself up everyday and make YOU better. YOU’RE stronger, smarter, wiser, […]