Peek-A-Boo Valentine

There’s something so lovely about lingerie and when I was dreaming up Blushing January, one of the first things that popped in my head were visions of delicate bralettes and drawers floating in a foggy dream bubble… So I thought to myself, why hide them all the time? All that beautiful lacey goodness we buy them for […]

Flashback Friday: Country Fringe POP*

One might not look at this super sweet sweater from Marshalls and call it practical, but for me, it’s personality is practical and polished for any city slicker gal or a country sweetheart who wants to POP! You saw me style it one way but check this out! This black and white fringed wonder for […]

3 Ways One Cover-Up (Look #1 BeachGal)

If there is one thing the P4P Gal Pal can do best, it’s stretch a buck! But, not only are we saavy with our coin, we’re also smart and confident enough to realize that we can stretch the possibilities of our wardrobe too! That’s why I love to buy pieces that are versatile enough to […]

$14 Dollar Consignment Clover Canyon*

   Gal Pals, there are certain brands that have distinct tells, like Missoni’s zig zag knits or Chanel’s double “CC’s”, and when you are shopping for quality on a budget it always pays to do your research on brands you LOVE to help them POP when you’re on the lookout! For me, I’ve been crushing […]

P4P in LA with Marshalls! Look#1 (Video)

Gals! All I can say about my recent trip to LA working with Marshalls is well… I’m speechless! lol Just look at that face! Freaking speechless! I was in heaven! It’s one thing to do what you love, but it’s something completely different to be noticed by a brand you so truly believe in and […]

Spring into A New Black*

There’s nothing more classic and easy to wear than black, but when spring and summer role around it can sometimes be tricky to give black the light airiness that spring calls for! So here’s an outfit that I wore in LA while working with Marshalls, to show you that just by paying attention to the […]

A New Take on Your Old Work Skirt!

   It really doesn’t take much Gals to add flare and style to that old skirt top combo when you want to take your work wear up a notch. I’ve had this skirt for years! It’s an oldie but goodie I keep in my closet because it’s comfortable, has a clean straight shape and a […]

Blush, Black, Snow, and Gold*

     What’s blush, black, gold with snow all over? A Polished for Pennies ensemble that’s the epitome of a HIGH LOW look! We love the idea of mixing high end items with less expensive pieces because sometimes you just don’t have the bucks to spend on an entire high end style, or you need […]

Blushing Beauty Buys at Marshalls*

Ah! Gal Pals! The beauty of “Blushing January” is inspiring us to up our makeup game by making the necessary additions to our makeup bags for 2015! What does that mean exactly? Well, we loved the idea of using our “blushing” theme as a way to bring more attention to the nudes and soft pinks of your […]

A Secretly Sequined Delivery*

How amazing is it to be thought of Gals? I honestly feel that that is all us Gals are looking for in this world. To be thought of. To be appreciated and to be celebrated. Working with so many amazing bloggers, I can say that our Project Fab Secret Santa Exchange has been amazing to […]

Even Sporty-er Starlet*

I don’t know Gals… As much as I love to doll up, I’ve been diggin’ the athletic trend that’s been happening right now. Probably because prior to getting caught up in girly style, I dressed like a tomboy during my adolescence. Seriously. Baggy pants, Nautica jackets, high-top “Princess” Reebok’s and the list goes on and on! […]

Thanks Table*

With beautiful “Thank You” cards we found at Marshalls for $4.99, we thought to ourselves… what’s the best way to celebrate your guests or even say Dad for Father’s Day? Saying Thank you!! So in honor of the many people that sit around our table and yours, here’s a cool Polished for Pennies way to say […]

Cleopatra. Cozy. Confident.

We are women and I don’t want you to forget that. With being a woman, that takes appreciating your value, knowing that you deserve the pampering you need, and GIVING yourself the time to say “YES” to you and your needs! Giving yourself the chance to feel your own energy and light that maybe you […]