City Fringe POP*

Who would have thunk a top with this much life and personality… AND POP would only cost $24.99? This super sweet sweater from Marshalls was full of POP so it had to be grabbed off the rack! Being that it was so different and how much I love making a style statement, I wanted to show you […]

Twinning Style With Sisters Who Style

Growing up sharing a room, clothes, and EVERYTHING with your sisters may seem like a drag, but if you look at it from another perspective, one that’s a little less hostile and more positive, you all actually double, triple, or quadruple your wardrobe depending how many gal pals are in the house!! That means more […]

Follow the Sun and Sale for Under $100

  All I’m saying gals, is that it never hurts to think ahead! If you’re looking to find your place in the sun to shine in style this fall, investing in a great coat/jacket while Zara is having their sale NOW, ain’t a bad idea! I was ever so innocently perusing their website, and I couldn’t help […]

Vintage Velour Vixen

  There is nothing more dazzling than wearing a dress that is out of the ordinary. It makes you feel unique, couture, different, artistic, and fearless. So we want to challenge the tips of your fingers to always feel for fabrics that speak louder than words. In our Sophisticated September Photoshoot, PolishedV found this soft […]

Red. Enough said.

In high-school I used to wear red nail polish ALL THE TIME, and I always told my friends that I wear it as a reminder of confidence. I still do. In this Sophisticated September, it couldn’t be more fitting to make red THE color of sophistication, confidence, and pure class. And it just so happens, […]

Powerful Points

  There’s a classic, sophisticated essence that exudes from Superwoman even as she wears a bathing suit to fight crime… How does she do it? How does she make sexy look classic? Well for TMTT we have the perfect shoe that’s elegant yet sassy and could cusp work and play. Take these pointed pumps from […]

PolishedE is Taking a Leap!

Written by: PolishedE When PolishedV gave me the assignment to style 2 looks for this month’s photo shoot, I immediately saw visions of platform high heels, leather jump suits, and bold shoulders!  However, once I began my quest for the perfect take action pieces, I found myself struggling a bit to assemble my fierce, superhero […]

Now’s the Time!

  Now’s the time to “Shop for What Pops” for those Wedges to make your ending summer and next even more wonderful! Clearance racks are blooming with finds just like these! It’s Tappin’ My Toe Tuesday (#TMTT) and we’re featuring PolishedN’s Michael Kors striped red patent wedges because these beauties were only $40 from Macys! […]


  Written By: Polished Gal Pal Jenna D. As we jumped over July we’re starting to really feel that hot summer heat.  While the sun gives us a gorgeous glow, it also has its downfalls…the dreaded humidity, leaving us some days with horrible hair. So gal pals, how do we fix this problem? It’s simple, […]

Peplum Fun!

  Nothing better than jumpin’ into a tight, fun, lavender peplum number and for only 8 dollars…I mean how could you resist.  I don’t no what is, but something about a peplum always makes me feel so chic. The skirted accent of this look, makes you feel feminine and classy, and the great thing about […]

Granny or Great?

Anytime us Gal Pals style a P4P photo shoot, one thing is for sure… an open mind is needed!  For our JumpIn July shoot, PolishedV handed me a pair of periwinkle granny pants that I could have died knowing I was going to be the one to wear them.  I am all for trying new […]

PolishedN Says Howdy to Pink Overalls…

One word…..OVERALLS!!!! Now for many people we put overalls under a HECK NO category assuming that only kids and farmers can pull them off, but that is so not the case.  P4P loves to show our viewers that no piece of clothing is unapproachable and with the right jewels, hair and makeup you can make […]

TMTT: Bourne Bejewled Sandals

Give yourself the chance to make your #pastels POP with Bling! These #Bourne #bejeweled Sandals are the perfect way to #makeovermarch those spring colors with flare and fun! By adding interest you show more of your vibrant personality, and we want to see it!! #tappinmytoetuesday #shopforwhatpops #heavyisluxury #pickem&flipem

TMTT: Tiger Print Calvin Klein Pumps

Any women can feel transformed in a pair of heels SHE loves. But for this month, I want you to change your shoe shopping perspective… I want you to Shop for What Pops, get out there, and find something different… most importantly though buy what you absolutely MUST HAVE and LOVE! Something that will makeover […]

#MakeoverMarch: Make a Moment

 If you were being photographed, what would be your best angle? Does your outfit have a “moment”? Does your outfit make you feel pretty to bare a quick glance over the shoulder to a prying paparazzi? Would you be ready to Smize in Confidence? Give yourself the chance to feel as good as you look […]