Oh HEY! You Value Vixen you…

Gal Pals, if there’s one thing I hope you always take with you when you #shopforwhatpops is that VALUE is always what we’re looking for! Sure, you can hop on and off the trend train season to season but what you’ll notice is that because they are “trend items” you’ll wear them a few times […]

Jewelry Haul from Nordstrom Rack*

  Nothing makes me feel more successful and powerful, than a good deal! The feeling that you’re walking out of the store, or excuse me, skipping out of the store because you just out-smarted your wallet. You’ve just made your own day! Well that’s exactly what I felt after a recent trip to Nordstrom Rack […]

Double D* Denim & Designer (Chanel for $19.99)

Gals… Nothing gets me going more than a black designer gem and a floor length denim coat! 😉  No really. It’s a combo that provides a feeling of luxury living, city edge, and sophistication that makes this combo perfect for upping your confidence when the temps are dropping! Now let me break down this look. Let’s start […]

Where to Shop for What Pops? GiGi’s Consignment!

Gal Pals… Welcome to Gigi’s! Holy Moly… can I just say that Gigi’s Consignment Boutique is one of those places that creates an experience, and for Gal Pals like us who appreciate luxury even on pennies, we never EVER want to skimp on an experience because of the size of our bank accounts. Experiences of a full […]

Holiday Gift Haul!

It’s gifting time!! If you haven’t seen it already… take a look at my TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods gift haul video! I was invited to hand pick a few of my favorites and here is a full breakdown below of all my fabulous gift picks that are perfectly Polished for Pennies!   The cutest little doll […]

My #TheBestGiftEver Story*

Gals, I’m one lucky gal to have gotten to know a few other bloggers from around the U.S through Marshalls Project Fab Program and this year is super cool because our holiday mission was to play secret Santa to another blogger! How awesome! So here’s my story of how I worked a little P4P magic to […]

Oh La La The Sweater Dress*

Since I’m a believer in shopping anywhere, whether it’s a department store, boutique, thrift store, or discount retailer… I try not to focus so much on the name of something, but more so on how it feels, what it looks like on me, and of course price! Well, this sweater dress, which is nameless because […]

Painting the Roses Red and Retro*

Sure, we’re in summer and many will be celebrating the beautiful neon colors that tend to take over the season. We get it, but let us not neglect the gorgeous hues of ruby, royal, rosy red that will take your summer nights up a few sultry notches! And of course, bring strong doses of femininity […]

Celtic and Confident at Marshalls*

Confidence isn’t something that’s tangible, it’s something that’s felt, and there’s no better way to feel confident than being Polished for Pennies! That’s right Gals, to shop for what pops, find luxury in well made garments, and garments that fit on a few bucks… that’s shopping confidence! And, you know us by now, our go […]

Rack It Up Review*

We’ve all dreamt it!  Remember watching Clueless, loving the idea of Cher’s virtual closet as she swiped through styles on her computer to select the perfect combo for school? Seriously, how cool was that thing?! Well, I’ve been introduced to a similar shopping site that not only allows you to create a virtual closet with items […]

Pick Em’ and Flip Em’

I know there are MANY of you out there who get skeeved and grossed from thrift and second hand shops, or maybe you just prefer high-end department stores to score shoes worthy of celebs and debutants, but why limit yourself? I’m a HUGE thrift and discount retailer shopper for shoes and it’s because even though I’m […]

Thanks-Gifting for the Hostess on Pennies

WATCH THIS POST COME TO LIFE ON CBS3! Maybe you’re stopping at Grandma’s house for homemade pumpkin pie or gobbling up that turkey dinner as a guest at your BFF’s. Wherever you’re headed for the holidays, bringing an elegant gift for your host/hostess does not have to burn a hole through your piggy bank! Here […]

The best shopping tip ever!

Leave your shopping cart at the door! Before we know it, jingle bells will be ringing alongside the sound of  cash registers chiming as we start buying for the holidays. I know, I’m already talking about the holidays, but before you know it… they sure do creep up! In the meantime, as we await the […]

Grounded to Earth

   My inspiration for this look wasn’t just Navajo November, it was just earth. Earth colors, super smooth fabrics and textiles, and an attitude of confidence that comes from being grounded in yourself! Let’s first breakdown the look… what’s more Million Dollar feeling than faux fur? I took a beautiful two-toned faux fur jacket from […]

“Special Items” Marc Jacobs

You wouldn’t think you could afford Marc Jacobs right? Especially hitting up their website, but WAIT JUST A GOSH DARN MINUTE SAYS Gal Pal Ashley! Ashley hit me up on our P4P Facebook page, and said I had to check out the “special items” page of the Marc Jacobs website because there are some very […]

What’s Outside of Your Style Box?

What’s in your box? Out of the Box October is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something DIFFERENT AND FUN! So in my box it was a butterfly pattern dress with shoulder pads… which I can not stand shoulder pads… but when I put that thrift shop 5 dollar dress on, I […]