Reset and Rejuvenate…

There’s a lot that has to do with taking pride in yourself, that plays hand in hand with sophistication. Remembering that your body needs time to relax and rejuvenate, to be able to walk as energized and proud to pound the daily grind of each day is important. Being sophisticated, one must exude pride in […]

#TMTT Gets Fabulous: Night Sky Navy

By: Jennifer McDevitt, Creator of Fabulous Shoe Night There’s something about a September evening … something special, and different than any other time of year. You can sense the impending change of season, fall slowly creeping in. It gets dark a little bit earlier, and, on a clear night, the evening sky turns the most […]

Red. Enough said.

In high-school I used to wear red nail polish ALL THE TIME, and I always told my friends that I wear it as a reminder of confidence. I still do. In this Sophisticated September, it couldn’t be more fitting to make red THE color of sophistication, confidence, and pure class. And it just so happens, […]

High Tea*

Gals, I’m going to tell you something that maybe you don’t know … Did you know that you can go to the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia and be treated like a royal sophisticate for $30! I’m not kidding, no royal jesting here… I’m Queen Elizabeth serious, and I’m going to tell you all about the […]

Behind the Scenes of “Sophisticated September”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our “Sophisticated September” Photoshoot at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. This month we focused on old hollywood glamour with a french twist. All of our clothing in the shoot was under $49.99, including a dress that retails over $1600! We’ll have the break downs coming up, but for […]

How To Be Sweetly Sophisticated…

Watch: $37.13 Written By: PolishedA (Abby Rodgers, Miss Philly Outstanding Teen) Sophistication encompasses much more than dressing the chic part. You truly exude elegance simply by handling common day situations with class and compassion. Here are some everyday scenarios where you can take the opportunity to let your sophisticated self shine! Someone throws road […]

The 5 Facial Focal Points

  Gals… Easy peesey. There are 5 focal points to a sophisticated makeup bag. The focus always being on a clean complexion, natural cheeks, painted eyes, perfect brows, and pouty lips. Think fresh, think girly, think makeup that colors your face in the way your emotions do!  Like rosy cheeks when you get embarrassed, it’s […]

Sophisticated September*

Just when you thought you were embracing your greatness, we’re now throwing at you the ultimate cherry on top of the cake, to make life a cake walk… with a bit more confidence, Sophistication. Everyone may have a different definition, but at P4P, we’re defining sophistication with clean silhouettes,simplicity, smart conversations, lady-like style, and sky-high […]