Packing POP Tips*

Something that a P4P Gal Pal needs to keep in mind when packing for any sort of travel, is that you’ve got to have enough room to fit all your shoes! Seriously, we understand your need for shoe envy on location Gal Pals! So, packing light is imperative for a Jet. Set. Go Gal Pal looking […]

Roaring Resale Romper for the Weekend*

    Gals, there’s nothing I appreciate more than the satisfaction of purchasing someone else’s trash and making it my treasure. For example, I frequent a place called Jomar often, and they’re a place that sells a whole bunch of items from department store and QVC leftovers, to random furnishings to fabric, and more and more […]

Flash Back Friday: The $5 Thrift Find*

PolishedC knows exactly what she’s doing when the paparazzi are swarming in our backyard lol… Yeah right, but seriously, tell me she doesn’t know she is captivating in this powder blue off the shoulder thrift find! YES! That top was found at the thrift store for $5 and was gifted to us by one of […]

A New View on Shorts!

Gals! I’m usually not a shorts kind of Gal, but I will tell you that I’m trying something new and attempting to incorporate more of them in my spring and summer wardrobe. I mean when you have so many cute options, like these floral cuties from Marshalls for $14.99… it’s hard not to throw them […]

This Shirt is A Pair of Shorts*

So this post is pretty hilarious for me because I felt like a total idiot in the dressing room after I realized this top was actually shorts! However, I’m happy that I made the decision to start looking at the mistake as the magic! This is the beauty of keeping a Polished for Pennies eye for […]

Spring into A New Black*

There’s nothing more classic and easy to wear than black, but when spring and summer role around it can sometimes be tricky to give black the light airiness that spring calls for! So here’s an outfit that I wore in LA while working with Marshalls, to show you that just by paying attention to the […]

Gift Yourself: An Iphone Case

Sometimes it’s just those little things. Those very little things, treats, that we need to feel good. Items and things that are merely bought for a few shiny pennies, but shine up our mood and keep us excited and polished! This everyday your birthday I found the coolest designer Iphone case at Homegoods! It’s a Jordan […]

Cake Batter Lips*

Luscious and lovely, this Everyday Your Birthday made us think of CAKE! What could be more decadent and desirable than a HUGE, SLICE OF CAKE! We don’t think anything… and in that case, it got us thinking! Sure, we love POPs of pinks and oranges this summer, but we also still love the seducing ways a nude […]

Travel in Tassel

Whether you’re feeling the island breeze or cool swift swell of the shore, there’s nothing better than feeling yourself being taken away by the wind. This Jet.Set.Go.July why not throw on a few pieces with tassels to take your style away to an easy breezy place! We’ve found a few Polished for Pennies picked pieces […]

Stunt Double*

So you and the boo are jet-setting, SWEET! So how do you jet set with style inspiration that exudes a relaxed cool coupling? Mix a little fit with some relaxed gear and POP your accessories! It’s that easy and don’t worry, I’m not encouraging you to dress like twins, just compliments of the beautiful people […]

Jet. Set. Go 3 Cities 1 Dress*

Looking to work that one favorite dress of yours for jet set going this summer? Check this out… We’re taking one Clover Canyon dress fabfound at Marshalls for $99 (retail $246) and taking it to 3 new places! We’re headed for Laid Back BOOM in LA, Metallic Mami in Miami, and getting Philly Phreaking Phabulous! […]


So you’re on the beach, being your usually smoking hot self, and something’s missing. Ah! yes… your theme music! Well, no worries gals! We’ve got the perfectly polished item to have hanging out with you on your beach blanket to get you swaying to the sounds of your favorite station or song! Check out this […]

June in Bloom: Picking flowers

By Kathleen Garvin   I love summer clothes, and I’m especially digging this floral trend. Shopping at the mall recently, I wanted to purchase a few tops for casual, nighttime hangouts. And it looks like I plucked these colorful tanks right out of a flowerbed! I scooped these three up from Forever 21. The first […]

Go Organic*

Looking for a  hair-do that has movement, character, and style that’s all your own? Well… that’s what we’re saying! Go organic, go natural, and go you this June In Bloom! Follow the flow of your hair’s natural texture and see what you end up with! With a few bobby pins, a spritz of spray, and […]

Fearless Florals*

By: Abby Rodgers (“Polished A”) With spring in bloom and summer quickly shining through, a gal pal can certainly use a wardrobe pick-me-up from the demure uniform of the winter season.  Fearless florals can add a bold pop of color in any look! Bright floral heels can add some serious *WOW* factor to simple wardrobe staples.  […]


Working those warm rays of spring, sometimes calls for a little shoulder exposure, and we felt inspired by the ease of the coasts of Cali and the chilled out feel of  Malibu May! Movement, ease, and style can all be one in the same without seeming lazy… and here’s how we had fun making lazy leisurely style look […]

Simply Stated*

   P4P loves the glitz! We love glam, we love anything and everything with sparkles, rhinestones, rainbows, and puppies on it BUT since it’s Malibu May… what about just a simple cotton dress?Something that’s a throw on that packed with effortless style. I mean, what if you’re going to a farmer’s market? A laid back […]