A Full Piece Filled with Style

Gals, I never thought I would say this, but I felt super cool in this full piece. Yup that’s right! For $19.99 my goodies stayed in place in the gorgeous robins egg blue suit that I got at Marshalls for $19.99. It had a POP of color, was heavy in weight and lining, and had […]

Flash Back Friday: The $5 Thrift Find*

PolishedC knows exactly what she’s doing when the paparazzi are swarming in our backyard lol… Yeah right, but seriously, tell me she doesn’t know she is captivating in this powder blue off the shoulder thrift find! YES! That top was found at the thrift store for $5 and was gifted to us by one of […]

Jean with Envy*

So honestly, I’m a little mad at Colie right now. We were at Marshalls not too long ago and unknowingly, as we Shopped for What Popped, picked up the same jeans in different sizes off of the rack. Hers was the size I needed that I thought they didn’t have and she got lucky in the dressing […]

P4P in LA with Marshalls! Look #2* (Video)

I was just telling someone the other day that women are like peacocks. We are attracted to vast beauty, fantastic color, and fluttering fashion that leaves us in awe similar to how the magnificent feathers of a male peacock attract their mates. And when you’re Polished for Pennies… it’s possible to still radiant grandness in your style by […]

Give Back. Be NICE.

  Gals, we’re all about empowerment. A message. A movement, and our message here at P4P is Confidence… looking it, feeling it, and living it regardless of your bank account! With that said, we love a stylish way to give back. So this summer, while you’re stylin’ at that no-shower happy hour or beach side […]

Happy Hawaiian Shirt 3 Ways*

  Tucked in or tied in a knot, get creative and oh so P4P, by working with a classic hawaiian shirt that some may think is an “Oh So “Not” but could be “Oh So “Hot” for summer travel style! See, for us Gal Pals at Polished for Pennies, we’ve got to use that know-how of […]


So you’re on the beach, being your usually smoking hot self, and something’s missing. Ah! yes… your theme music! Well, no worries gals! We’ve got the perfectly polished item to have hanging out with you on your beach blanket to get you swaying to the sounds of your favorite station or song! Check out this […]

Jet. Set. Go… Vintage!

Ahh… nothing like a good thrift find to get ya in the mood to run off and JET SET GO SOMEWHERE! Gals, check it, so recently I visited one of my favorite thrift shops called Impact Thrift! As I, ever so innocently, entered the store to Shop for What Pops for some Jet Set Go […]

GO Stars and Stripes!

This weekend, it’s time to proudly POP in stars and stripes and we’ve got a few patriotic pieces that are Polished for Pennies! Now the last thing we won’t is to have you walking around looking out dated in something our dear Gal Pal, Betsy Ross might have worn at her time, no offense Bets! […]

Pocket Full of Posies*

Fresh, floral, and full of personality… even though our temps are warming up and summertime is finally here, a great option for bridal showers, date night, and boardwalk shopping… the floral printed jean! Don’t think it’s all about short shorts this summer, there are some gorgeous light weight pants out there that will still heat […]

Floral Sandals Under $25*

If there’s one thing that will put a little more pep in your step, it’s a sandal that’s POPPING for June in Bloom! These delicate sandal options, all under $25, are the perfect way to incorporate a floral in your summer style! They are for beaching, board-walking, and even bopping and rocking at your nightly soiree […]

Sheerly Floral*

Gorgeous! A perfect mix of sheer and floral delight, we spotted these beautiful booties on Ql.com! Just in case you missed the post, which you can find HERE, these GoJane booties are a total steal at $39! They are called the “Mesh Mash” Floral Bootie and we can see why! Sometimes the most unexpected pairings make […]

Salute Your Shorts Guys!

Salute your shorts dudes! June’s in Bloom and we’re all over florals not just for Gals but you too! Why not take the plunge this summer in a sweet pair of floral printed board shorts or trunks for the beach? We love the idea of how much style and personality a pair of trunks like this […]

Spray Tan Buzz*

Mix It Up March! Instead of the bed… get sprayed head to toe! With an air of spring BUZZING about, and my need for a nice little tan… it was time for me to get my bronze on at a hot new spot in Philly for a spray tan! And Gals, if you’re nervous about […]

Perfect Penny Grilled Pizzas

Gals… I am not a trained chef, but I love to cook. And, when you want to make something fantastic, you don’t need a lot of experience, you just need a willingness to learn, some patience, CONFIDENCE, and the desire to make people feel the love in your food. Preparing a great dish is easy […]


  Written By: Polished Gal Pal Jenna D. As we jumped over July we’re starting to really feel that hot summer heat.  While the sun gives us a gorgeous glow, it also has its downfalls…the dreaded humidity, leaving us some days with horrible hair. So gal pals, how do we fix this problem? It’s simple, […]

T Time!

Was checking out Loft the other day and there they were… For $9.09 these polished and perfect T-strap sandals were P4P and ripe for the picking! They JUMPED out at me when I shopped for what popped, as they were laid fittingly in a basket by the clearance items! They come in three different colors […]

Granny or Great?

Anytime us Gal Pals style a P4P photo shoot, one thing is for sure… an open mind is needed!  For our JumpIn July shoot, PolishedV handed me a pair of periwinkle granny pants that I could have died knowing I was going to be the one to wear them.  I am all for trying new […]

Colored Mirrors

A really cool and creative way women have been wearing color, is through the lens of their shades! It’s an unexpected POP that adds a dose of flare to any outfit during your daytime routine.  Mirrored shades come in all different colors and styles, and the ones’ that we’ve selected, are at affordable prices but […]

Grab Your Towel and Hit the Scene!

If there is one thing that makes me feel like a million bucks and should come free with a day or two at the beach, it’s a bronzed goddess tan! Let’s get real here, it makes you feel thinner, look healthier, and plays a mind trick on some of us that what hides behind, you […]