There’s Something Better Awaiting

Written by: PolishedN Have you ever watched a dragon fly soar above water waiting for that right time to gently land and get a quick drink…. well today as I was sunbathing (dreading the thought of being pale soon) a dragonfly was soaring over my pool for a half hour.  It blew my mind how […]

Lois Lane to Super Woman in a SNAP

  TA DA! The quick change can be a gal-on-the-go’s best friend when it comes to ditching your office wear for something a little more marvelous for night! Taking inspiration from our #takeactionaugust theme, this is the Clark Kent version of a Superwoman switch that’s done in seconds! Starting simple! Select a dress that ‘s […]

It’s Electric!

Tappin’ My Tuesday is BOLDER and BETTER than ever this #TakeActionAugust and we have your toesies covered!  Electric blue booties, like these ones from Aldo, are a statement piece to have in your shoe collection.  Not only are they ridiculously cute, they also have detail and the perfect amount of SUPER in their points.  Fly […]

Caped and Confident

  Exuding with a dangerous edge, the appeal of a caped dress is nothing less than the sweetest of evils. This look rocked by PolishedN, dress found at Nordstrom Rack is a little dark, but we like it! Imagine walking the streets at night with your shoulders covered in the caress of a cape. It’s […]

Captain Your Day

Another look from PolishedE to get your confidence soaring. She masterfully put this look together to embrace this month’s theme, so take inspiration from it… Nope, you don’t have to throw on a cape, that is unless you want too! lol But the purpose here is to pair items that make you feel like you […]

Super Woman Sweats

Written By: Jenna DeAngelis I’ve always been the girl that was afraid to leave the house in sweats. I could never find confidence when I was dressed down.  I recently decided to take action and change my mindset, by finding ways to get dolled up while still dressing down. I wanted to share some of […]

Powerful Points

  There’s a classic, sophisticated essence that exudes from Superwoman even as she wears a bathing suit to fight crime… How does she do it? How does she make sexy look classic? Well for TMTT we have the perfect shoe that’s elegant yet sassy and could cusp work and play. Take these pointed pumps from […]

Cuffed in Confidence

  Brace your self for some bracelets that supercharge strength through your finger tips! In our shoot we mimicked the cuffs of super heroes before us, now we can rock cuffs in essence of the superhero within! Totally cool P4P cuff spotted on! It’s leather and metal have power, and the geometric design and […]

Shine with Strength This #TakeActionAugust

Kick up your look this #TakeActionAugust with nails that shine with strength and the feeling of the world at your fingertips.  Embrace your powerful side and break away from your comfort zone.  Try something that makes you feel like the beautiful, confident woman you know you are!  This #TakeActionAugust I recommend splurging to get that […]

“You’ll Figure It Out”

  During our Take Action August photo shoot, PolishedN snapped this photo, and it made me think… If Take Action August is about making moves, and doing it with gusto, energy and strength… where do I want to go? Where do I see myself? Where do I want to be? What is my destination and […]

Strut the Streets in Constant BOOM!

  My new found love and must have in your closet bestie, this #TakeActionAugust, is this heathered high-low dress from forever21 for just $14.80.  Comfortable and confident, when paired with comic book color accents and a courageous cuff, this look conquers all.  Feel the powerful superhero within when strutting the streets in constant  BOOM! Pucker […]

Take Action August

Gals, I’m not satisfied. I’m not satisfied with the lull that the summer months tend to bring when it comes to initiating goals, making, life plans, and remembering that even though we should appreciate and relish time to relax, we can’t loose focus on our dreams. Time will not stop, and we need to keep […]

Mini Marvel

  How cute is this little bugger?! Zara, in my opinion, gives you major quality and BANG for your buck. Scoping the internet, I spotted this mini skort on their site and I’m sort of obsessed. I know what you’re thinking… a skort?! Well yeah! After some thought, I was like, how annoying is it […]