#WERK Your Work Look in 3,2,1…

       Gal Pals, I know how it is. Everyday it’s a battle to be comfortable and fashionable for taking on that 9 to 5 without be anything but basic! BUT, it’s with basics that the everyday work wardrobe can stand out! The look I’m rocking here is the perfect look for me when I’m […]

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine*

The first thing my mom said when she saw this look was, ” Tor what an awesome look for walking around the city! ” Now, when I looked at I envisioned myself feeling a cool breeze off of an ocean on vacation or skipping through a field of daisys by a farmhouse lol! But that’s when I […]

Kicks of Color*

Feeling that hot sun on your face in Summer… there’s nothing better… unless you’re feeling the hot sun reflect off of Dolce and Gabbana floral shades that you got for $50 bucks! Hahah That’s right my Gal Pals, feeling lux for less is right at your finger tips when you Shop for What Pops! The […]

A New View on Shorts!

Gals! I’m usually not a shorts kind of Gal, but I will tell you that I’m trying something new and attempting to incorporate more of them in my spring and summer wardrobe. I mean when you have so many cute options, like these floral cuties from Marshalls for $14.99… it’s hard not to throw them […]

A Vampy Visit*

     So maybe you’re heading home for Thanksgiving, traveling to visit your BF’s family, or just making dinner at home… Well, since this Nouveau November we’re all about ARRIVING in style and spirit, may we encourage you to vamp up your visiting attire in something delicious, unexpected, festive, and quite frankly BOLD! For this […]

Peeking Orchid Pumps!

There’s something about an Orchid that seems a little mischievous. It’s personality acts like it’s so demure as it hangs it’s head pretending to play the background, but really it’s beauty can’t help but be in the foreground… just like you.  With that said, this April in Orchid Tappin’ My Toe Tuesday, we found a beauty […]

Your “YOU” Piece (PolishedV)

  For me Gals, PolishedV, my “You” pieces are a great jacket, pair of skinny jeans, pointy pumps, decadent sunnies, and a spritz of perfume! I mean, plain and simple, these items are my go to to feel fabulous on days I just want to be me. I could live in jeans… I consider myself […]

Something Flirty, Fun, and Sassy to Kick off Apricot April! This was actually the inspiration for making April about Apricot! Style director Cristi and myself, spotted this little beauty in Target! It’s adorable, and if you need a pick me up on the days where you don’t feel so pretty, this will do it for […]