Hearts On Fire*

It’s amazing what a few pieces of pop can do for a dreary day… Valentines Day may be behind us but there’s a whole lot to love about red! A red coat. A red pair of shades… RED LIPSTICK! The quickest and easiest color to brighten your mood and your look is with a dose […]

Goodwill Gone Blushing*

   Gals I’m not kidding… Ya walk into a Goodwill… Ya Shop for What Pops… You ignore the voices in your head that tell you, “you won’t find anything” and then it happens. “IT” POPS! That’s how it happens Gal Pals. Anytime. Anywhere. Every time. When you go into a store, Goodwill or other, with […]

$3 Thrift Find!

Ya know what never gets old Gals? A great thrift find!! And I’m telling you, it doesn’t take a lot of effort or know how to score amazing deals in thrift stores or really anywhere! If you just put yourself in the environment with an open mind, and keep in mind the Polished Principles… you just […]

Happy Hawaiian Shirt 3 Ways*

  Tucked in or tied in a knot, get creative and oh so P4P, by working with a classic hawaiian shirt that some may think is an “Oh So “Not” but could be “Oh So “Hot” for summer travel style! See, for us Gal Pals at Polished for Pennies, we’ve got to use that know-how of […]

Behind the Scenes of “Sophisticated September”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our “Sophisticated September” Photoshoot at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. This month we focused on old hollywood glamour with a french twist. All of our clothing in the shoot was under $49.99, including a dress that retails over $1600! We’ll have the break downs coming up, but for […]

Granny or Great?

Anytime us Gal Pals style a P4P photo shoot, one thing is for sure… an open mind is needed!  For our JumpIn July shoot, PolishedV handed me a pair of periwinkle granny pants that I could have died knowing I was going to be the one to wear them.  I am all for trying new […]

Polished Potential Challenge

  Not going to lie, we get REAL creative with our photoshoots… like throwing PolishedV in a tween flower girl dress we got at the thrift store for $6 and making it POP!! But here’s why we love it, we saw that little piece of pretty and saw what it could be, saw the Polished Potential! What […]

Hope you haven’t forgotten about this Polished for Pennies find! Today I’ll be letting you in on how I shop, and feel successful doing it!! Whose with me?!

Lifestyle Confidence Blog, Polished for Pennies preps for the shooting of their national debut on ABC’s The Revolution in a Segment with Tim Gunn! Vittoria Woodill also shows you how to get the sock bun perfect every time with an item under $4 bucks! (Source: http://www.youtube.com/)