Peek-A-Boo Valentine

There’s something so lovely about lingerie and when I was dreaming up Blushing January, one of the first things that popped in my head were visions of delicate bralettes and drawers floating in a foggy dream bubble… So I thought to myself, why hide them all the time? All that beautiful lacey goodness we buy them for […]

Hearts On Fire*

It’s amazing what a few pieces of pop can do for a dreary day… Valentines Day may be behind us but there’s a whole lot to love about red! A red coat. A red pair of shades… RED LIPSTICK! The quickest and easiest color to brighten your mood and your look is with a dose […]

Be Mine <3

Be your own Valentine this weekend by loving every bit of your body. Hug your curves in leather. Feel the length of your arms in something laced up, and drape yourself in decadent pieces all for pennies! That’s right Gals! On a recent trip to Jomar I found the vintage leather skirt I”m rocking for […]

Flirty & Fur Trimmed

Who doesn’t like to snuggle up to their valentine or their lover in something that’s meant to be felt? That’s why we love the idea of something furry and fuzzy to dress up in! Faux or real, furs draw out a luxurious feel and sophisticated tone, and we can’t get enough out of it! And, […]

Flirty Belt Idea!

  Sometimes the ideas that happen at random tend to be the best ideas ever!! We were having so much flirty fun dolling up P4P Gal Pal Brianna in our photo shoot, and at random came up with a super cute styling twist! Now, we love the idea of a classic black dress, but dolling […]

Vday with the Gals!

You know how easy it is to throw a super cute soiree for you and your gal pals? Simple as PIE! It literally takes no effort at all because the most important things are already covered: the dying want of you and all your gals to get together, and the DTP (“down to party”) attitude […]

Suede So Sweet*

NO please don’t eat your shoes! But these luscious suede beauties are Oh So Flirty, we can’t help but want to devour them and make them ours! We think suede is a great look for V’day. It adds a super sultry texture, and has a flirty feel that smooth enough to flay footsies under the […]

The Side Pony Sweetheart*

  What’s flirtier than hair that looks as if you just woke up perfectly polished? We think nothing! Allowing your natural flyaways, natural texture, and natural sass speak through your locks was our inspiration for PolishedN’s sweet side pony from our #flirtyfeb photoshoot! The great thing is, this look is super easy to create and […]

Valentine’s Day… STAY IN!

Thankfully, Valentine’s Day is all about giving love as your biggest present. But realistically it’s a pricey night out! Dinner, drinks, dancing, entertainment, parking, flowers, candy, and diamonds… naming all those things and we’ve just lost the money for our monthly car payment! Hey, we get it, but why not stay in? By no means […]

Flirty Confetti Nails

  You want to know one way to instantly  feel womanly and flirty…AND  you can do it on a few shiny pennies… PAINT YOUR NAILS! I’m serious gals! You know what I’m talking about! Don’t be lazy…It’s time to feel that fresh pretty feeling you get that makes you dangle your dainty tips like a […]

Hot Heels to Smize About

  By PolishedA (Ashley Lewis) The most flirty accessory you can wear is a hot pair of heels… Heels add that extra feminine and fierce touch that every gal needs to feel instantly flirtatious. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we have chosen 3 pretty heels for ya to flaunt your flirty side! […]

Cut Valentine’s Day Dressing in Half!

Cut Valentine’s Day dressing in half! If there’s one thing we love about separates, it’s the juxtaposition that can give any outfit style! This season is hot with crop tops! Even Kerry Washington is wearing crop tops while pregnant! Whether or not you think they are for you, let me solve the question… they are! […]

*Flirty February*

Well Gals, we made it through January. Which I feel can be one of the toughest months of the year. Resolution pressures, new beginning goals, then the wind down of the excitement so we’re left constantly searching to find that motivation again.  But WE MADE IT! That’s something to feel good about! And what a […]

Supermodel Waves, to work your own personal runway! The only thing missing is our personal fan boy 😉  A couple notes… Make sure you get yourself a good barrel curling iron. I use a simple Revlon barrel curler that I bought for about $20 at TJMAXX, and keep it at a moderate heat. Too hot […]