Jet. Set. GO BE IT

Socrates, really put it best…. “Be as you wish to seem.” It’s a very personal quote in my opinion that holds a lot of meaning. To me it says, how do you envision yourself and how will you get closer to becoming that vision. It says, so you want to be there… figure it out. And […]

“You’ll Figure It Out”

  During our Take Action August photo shoot, PolishedN snapped this photo, and it made me think… If Take Action August is about making moves, and doing it with gusto, energy and strength… where do I want to go? Where do I see myself? Where do I want to be? What is my destination and […]

Everyday is a day to deal with… Be Thankful.

Everyday is a day to deal with Gals. You’re going to have good ones, bad ones, confusing ones, sad ones, happy ones, and lonely ones… but one thing is for sure there will be another day tomorrow. Another something eventually worth smiling about, laughing about, and thankful for. Do not let life’s little lulls and […]