Gal Pals! Imagine this beaded number flowing all the way down to the floor? A fully beaded gown Heavy with Luxury and with MAJOR POP! Do you have the visual? Now look at the photos above… That’s looking at something through the eyes of being Polished for Pennies! A few months ago I found this […]

Here Comes the Bride*

My little baby sister, and your fellow Gal Pal PolishedC, just got married!! So before we share with you moments of the day that she celebrated on June 4th (I’m still recouping lol) I couldn’t help but share with you all a few thoughts and a few photos to celebrate the bride to be and […]

If You Like Your Coffee: Black*

So you’re a simple Gal. You take your coffee black… You appreciate simplicity but a must is your lust for bold richness. You understand that life may just be what it is sometimes, just how your coffee’s just black, but you also believe that just because something stands alone that doesn’t mean it can’t have JOLT. Just […]

Heavy Is Luxury Bag $34.99!

Gals this is just a quick post to show you what Heavy is Luxury is ALL about! If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s one of our Polished for Pennies shopping principles for finding quality, well-made goods that have weight which signify better craftsmanship! We never like to waste our pennies on junk. That’s […]

A New Take on Your Old Work Skirt!

   It really doesn’t take much Gals to add flare and style to that old skirt top combo when you want to take your work wear up a notch. I’ve had this skirt for years! It’s an oldie but goodie I keep in my closet because it’s comfortable, has a clean straight shape and a […]

Now on ULIVE*

Gals, I can’t even tell you what it means to me to have YOU along side us during this super special time for Polished for Pennies. WE HAVE BEEN MADE INTO A STYLE SERIES ON ULIVE.COM! I know, FREAKING OUT!! It’s all about the fun of fashion for us Gals with an appetite for style and […]

Oh La La The Sweater Dress*

Since I’m a believer in shopping anywhere, whether it’s a department store, boutique, thrift store, or discount retailer… I try not to focus so much on the name of something, but more so on how it feels, what it looks like on me, and of course price! Well, this sweater dress, which is nameless because […]

$3 Thrift Find!

Ya know what never gets old Gals? A great thrift find!! And I’m telling you, it doesn’t take a lot of effort or know how to score amazing deals in thrift stores or really anywhere! If you just put yourself in the environment with an open mind, and keep in mind the Polished Principles… you just […]

Follow the Sun and Sale for Under $100

  All I’m saying gals, is that it never hurts to think ahead! If you’re looking to find your place in the sun to shine in style this fall, investing in a great coat/jacket while Zara is having their sale NOW, ain’t a bad idea! I was ever so innocently perusing their website, and I couldn’t help […]

Celtic and Confident at Marshalls*

Confidence isn’t something that’s tangible, it’s something that’s felt, and there’s no better way to feel confident than being Polished for Pennies! That’s right Gals, to shop for what pops, find luxury in well made garments, and garments that fit on a few bucks… that’s shopping confidence! And, you know us by now, our go […]

Soft White Noise

Holiday parties can be a great excuse to wear beautiful POPs of color, but this year there is a soft white noise in the air that’s having us sing the tune of a White Christmas. There is a certain sophistication from white stones in accessories, or single white stones dripping from your lobes that softly […]

Polished for Pennies Style Seminar at Loft

PolishedV recently had the honor of hosting a 2hr. Style Seminar to a Group of Gal Pals from KPMG Philadelphia. With fun fashions from Loft, a few Polished for Pennies shopping tips, and a guided seminar for Looking, Feeling, and Living like a Million Bucks on a Few Shiny Pennies… These Gals, hit the racks confidently […]

Seal Date Night with a KISS

  Click HERE for our TALK PHILLY SEGMENT As butterflies of anxiety and excitement fill your stomach with thoughts of Date Night approaching, don’t let them flutter and fluster your style! It’s so easy to let our nerves get the best of us for Date Night and instead of ending up relaxed and cool, we […]

Vintage Velour Vixen

  There is nothing more dazzling than wearing a dress that is out of the ordinary. It makes you feel unique, couture, different, artistic, and fearless. So we want to challenge the tips of your fingers to always feel for fabrics that speak louder than words. In our Sophisticated September Photoshoot, PolishedV found this soft […]

Green with Envy

Emerald is a color that’s held a title of sophistication for centuries. It’s royal, pristine, elegant and one that shouldn’t be ignored as we head into a month filled with sultry sophistication… And that’s exactly what this post is about. When you wear a dress this month, you’re goal is to get gals and pals, […]

Lois Lane to Super Woman in a SNAP

  TA DA! The quick change can be a gal-on-the-go’s best friend when it comes to ditching your office wear for something a little more marvelous for night! Taking inspiration from our #takeactionaugust theme, this is the Clark Kent version of a Superwoman switch that’s done in seconds! Starting simple! Select a dress that ‘s […]


    Feel yourself become elevated to the highest level of confidence with a dress that Zips and says POWER all over it! This royal blue dress that PolishedN slipped into from TJMAxx is Vince Camuto and was perfectly polished at $39.99! A little on the pricey side? Not really, investing your pennies in a […]

Peplum Fun!

  Nothing better than jumpin’ into a tight, fun, lavender peplum number and for only 8 dollars…I mean how could you resist.  I don’t no what is, but something about a peplum always makes me feel so chic. The skirted accent of this look, makes you feel feminine and classy, and the great thing about […]