Take Two Aspirin… It Always Works Out!

Seems today’s post was going to be Colie’s shopping video, but I’ve made the executive decision to go with current events instead. I was laid off yesterday.

I’m going to start this post with this… Business is Business. If you’ve learned this or not, unfortunately, business can be a bit heartless. Not at times the reflection of the company, but the current “times”. My dad told me that a long time ago, and for any GREAT BUSINESS to succeed it comes with making TOUGH decisions. Laying people off is a tough decision, but sometimes that’s what has to be done for the betterment of a product to succeed, to deal with economic changes, yada yada. You can agree with me on that or not, but that’s how I see it and how I feel. With that said there are NO hard feelings in this post… It’s just another chapter of the story.

The stressful part of this process however, is not the initial punch in the gut, I’ve seen worse from chicks in the Northeast lol… it’s the “time to think” that’s just a bit tougher. It’s the aftermath.

So here is how I felt about an hour after it happened and now:

I made it through the car ride home listening, HEARING, and finally understanding the words to “Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris and Florence & The Machines, then I walked in the door and firstly told my parents. And MAN, let me tell you, when you’re stressing and you finally reach a point where you’ve POPPED your lid, and you’ve hit your highest breaking point, you forget the sounds that can come out of your mouth and nose during a SERIOUS sob session!! I thought the one I had in the shower last week was bad after a chat with Sallie Mae, but now I’m actually laughing as I think about my reaction! Pitiful! The grunting, the cringing, the crying, the hands on face yet slightly peering out of my fingers for the lone box of chocolates I saw the night before on the counter… I mean, that’s a moment where you’re like… THIS SUCKS, so much so it’s almost embarrassing! And there’s something about that “telling your parents” that never fails to bring you to tears. I felt so much go through me, yet I almost managed to stay in continued shock! The did that just happen face? The “did I just step in a big pile of crap? YUP, it’s crap, and now it’s LINGERING!” Face… Hahah Yes that face… Yesterday was me reliving that face, literally stepped in crap two days ago on top of everything else that stunk, ever since a deer hit my car and I haven’t been able to get it fixed back in December… It hasn’t really seemed to be my week in a while…

But what’s the weirdest, is when you hear news like that, you feel absolutely still in a moment. And you feel that precise moment splitting your brain into two parts: one part I’ll never make it through this, and the other part…My mom’s cure for almost EVERYTHING that happens in life “take two aspirin you’ll get over it”.

I can hear her now, “Clean yourself up, find the chocolates, have a moment, and when you catch your breath, you’ll survive. You’ll get over it, we’ll all have a good laugh later, we’ll eat something and move on. You can call Oprah or Rachel Ray tomorrow” … Hahaha … The silly part is she’s right! lol

EVENTUALLY YOU’ll HAVE TO MOVE ON FROM A SHITTY SITUATION! ANY STEPPED IN CRAP SITUATION, THAT STINKS… YOU’ll HAVE TO GET UP AND MAKE IT GREAT! So that’s EXACTLY what I am going to do! To be honest, I’m lucky I have you Gals to keep me going… Because I truly believe in the energy I put out on this blog.

In the words of my “Gramps”, “it’ll all work out… it always does”. I won’t lose sight of that. I’m lucky to have my dad remind me of Gramps’ saying every time a Bad Day comes. He actually tells me that first, then sings “So you’ve had a Bad Day” after… Hahah Either way, at a moment like this, that small saying came from a great man, a Depression and Battle of the Bulge survivor who lived through life threatening circumstances and still always had a smile on his face, so I’ll trust he’s right. And compared to the people who are dealing with greater challenges than me… I think I’ll take a cue from him, from them, another from God, and just have a little faith.

I believe in me! Can’t nobody hold me down, OH NO, I got to keep on MOVIN’! 😉 That’s so appropriate right now, and Gals YOU’VE GOTTA LAUGH! You saw the Sex in the City Movie right! lol I didn’t have that kind of moment, thank GOD! But laughter is a must to keep it moving!

For this #JustBeYouJanuary, I am going to keep being myself, doing what I do best… write, live, work hard, love, and eat! Because February may be a whole new level of Fierceness!

Oh, and by the way, I have such gratitude towards my previous employer, and fellow coworkers… I hope everyone of you Gal Pals has the opportunity to learn from, laugh with, and be supported by AMAZINGLY talented mentors, with even larger hearts. It’s not everyday you get to work with great people, but you have a choice to be a great person for people to work with everyday. Leave your mark how you will, that is how you will be remembered. Don’t forget you might need a recommendation! 😉


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